Colourful Vision of Cats I

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Colours are all over the world, in many different shades and hues. As people, we have become aware of the different abilities that influence vision and general messages that the brain can process to distinguish colour. When bonding with pets, a common question that may spring to mind at times may involve notions around how cats actually see the world.

Cats are agile natural hunters with exceptional hearing and vision for pinpoint accuracy to pounce on targets and stay alert of dangers. It might however, be a surprise to learn a little more about how cats see the world exactly with respect to colours. Cats are unable to distinguish all colours that humans would normally be able to observe but their vision is not one that is full of monochrome dullness, it is filled with vibrant colours that have been proven through scientific research.


Cats are fantastic and very cute animals. Also the colors of his eyes are increasingly striking.