ฅ/ᐠ.ᆽ.ᐟ\ = It's playtime again!

in #caturday3 years ago (edited)



Dear cuddle buddies and caturdanians!

I've been cuddling in silence for a week now.

My trainer muted me after I lost my artist's rendition.

Most of you probably didn't even miss me yet.

I know, @cuddlekitten is everybody's darling now.

But I'm not going to stop just like that.

I've been un-muted and I'll continue my rounds.

A few ASCII cats will be all that I have to express myself now.

But I'm almost as cuddly as before!



cuddle-bot by @fraenk


welcome back :)
There are enough cuddles for you and cuddlekitten. That's what 2 hands are for :P

Welcome back @steemkitten and you're still just as cuddly!! ((meow back))


ASCII kittens for now; hopefully a new illustrator will step up or be found one of these days.


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Welcome @steemkitten, regards, @elhajary i like your post, we are cats lovers....


Jaguars are the only big cats that don't roar.

A cat’s back is extremely flexible because it has up to 53 loosely fitting vertebrae. Humans only have 34.

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A kitten will typically weigh about 3 ounces at birth. The typical male housecat will weigh between 7 and 9 pounds, slightly less for female housecats.

@steemkitten ideas =

  1. A new contest but this time for photographers with kittens
  2. A new contest but this time the kittens must be robot kittens
  3. Googly eye- kittens?
  4. Steem kitten contest for people who cuddle other s (unrelated)
  5. I could write kitten poems and stories about pouncing cuddling purring etc

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