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Good afternoon Hiveans as the upcoming alpha release is getting closer, we decided to push some fresh information for you folks to prepare for diving in the world of @cryptobrewmaster


We decided to split the alpha launch into 3 big sets divided by 3 Tiers and start during the next couple of weeks!


Representing Card Qualities


  • Normal
  • Good
  • Outstanding
  • Excellent
  • Masterpiece

Each card in the process of crafting will affect the whole process and make a stronger chance of receiving a card of different quality. For example in the Beer Brewing process when you put 2 rows Barley Malt Outstanding Quality chances of getting the BEER you producing with higher quality increases affecting the Recipe Effects and the Price, that local PUB will offer.

Tier One (Launch)

  • Tier1 cards availability
  • Brewery Screen - Beer brewing
  • Buy screen - Recourse Loot box Sale possibility
  • Pub screen - Selling the beer for CBM token
  • Pub Screen - Daily quests for XP or Resources
  • Character screen - surfing the assets

Tier Two (Two weeks from launch)

  • Tier2 cards availability
  • Market Screen and functionality
  • TBA

Tier Three (Four weeks from launch)

  • Tier3 cards availability
  • TBA

Tier One Recipes

Basic recipes are available at your character knowledge almost from the beginning of the game.

  • European Lager
  • American Lager
  • Regular Pilsner
  • California common

Tier one Raw Materials (resource type cards)

Getting them is easy: complete daily quests, trade in the market, get them in loot boxes

  • 2 row Barley Malt
  • 6 row Barley Malt
  • Local Bittering Hops
  • Local Aroma Hops
  • Lager Yeast
  • Water
  • Ale Yeast

Tier one upgrade-related card

(Items \ Equipment \ Artifacts \ Staff)

Those could be used in any crafting process to increase the card quality and gained for quests, via loot boxes and market trades. Could have a different Card Quality and in further updates could be crafted, updated, and converted into CBM

Stay updated

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Thanks for the update I can’t wait to check it out.

so do we) Thanks for your attention!

😀 Yes we want it to be F2P as well

Cool!Thank you for changing bottles cards appearance.

The cards are looking great! Getting really excited to become a Crypto BREWMASTER!

!CBM Nice to have you with us on our server!

cheers from @cryptobrewmaster! Sign up to ur discord channel to get the latest news from the game devs!

This lokos really good!

well, thank you!))

Do you guys have a release date? Or a eta?

we still under development... hopefully 2 - 3 weeks

Looks Epic, count me in!!!

cheers! Grab a beer and join us at the discord!

Thanks hahah it's Pieter from @theplunge, this is my personal blog.

Cool, we'll have to do a sponsor post at Murphy's Bar . Love this game you are coming up with.


Love the concept!

Lol, we are having a lot of fun over there with our bartenders, , regular drunks, bouncers and regulars!😀

What time at what schedule? Where are u from?

Murphy's bar is typically open from noon to 5 a.m ( or whenever the cops show up ) from Thurs-Sunday . Los Angeles here so not sure what that is PST. The bar doesn't always open up everyday it's just when people are in the urge to do it lol

Hopefully after the covid shit we will visit LA with @gengua and @rollie1212 to meet you guys

Oh to be clear this isn't a real bar! lol 😂
We are a virtual community bar on Hive xD

Anyway visiting LA is a mandatory))

woooooowwww - looks cool

When can I come to test it?

is this game gone be idle/passive or you need to play alot?

Not that passive as you might thought. Idle elements gonna be, but we preparing something for different players