CBNT Token Release

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Dear CBNT members, 

Thank you for all of your support.

This will be breaking news for everyone that has mined CBNT tokens on

CBNT will be listed on the BiBox exchange this week, and trading will be open.

The question is, how many mined tokens will be released?

With regard to the best long-term benefits for all CBNT participants, here we have the release rules:

The release rate of CBNT is directly proportional to the CBNT ads revenue (CaiBao Room)

In other words, the release rate is related to the CBNT monthly ads revenue; the more ad revenue on the platform, the more CBNT will be released.

For example:

If the CBNT ad revenue is 10K in January, 1% of the CBNT in circulation will be released based on the algorithm in January.

As the mined tokens increase every day, how many token will be released in February? Here are three potential scenarios:

  1. If the ad revenue is about 20K+ in February another 1% CBNT in circulation would be released that month according to the algorithm.

  2. If the ad revenue increases rapidly in February, and let’s say, reaches about 110K+, another 10% CBNT in circulation would be released that month according to the algorithm.

  3. If the ad revenue decreases in February or no more than 10K, then no tokens will be released in February according to the algorithm.

The following months can be calculated in this way.

Why does CBNT adopt this release mechanism?

First: this mechanism can create a long-term benefit for all participants of CBNT. As we all know, adverting is a huge industry with impressive revenue; in 2018, digital revenues surpassed $100B. The top 10 companies command 75% of the market, like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube. 

The original intention of CBNT is designed for high-quality advertising, for both advertiser and users, with the addition of a new tokenomic model and blockchain technology. If you have been in the cryptocurrency market for a while and get familiar with the running of crypto projects, you will find out that lots of projects do not have cash flow, and most of them manipulate the trading market to gain a return. However, CBNT is different with this model from the beginning. It’s income will come from advertising. The CaiBao room and the ads bidding system all serve for this core business, and will create a long-term benefit system for all participants of CBNT.

Second, it’s a transparent, win-win, and also a long-term incentive mechanism that benefits all of the participants (writers, viewers, advertisers, and token holders). CBNT aims to break the traditional media business model, and create a 100% benefit sharing, win-win system. Every user who cares about the sustainable development of the CBNT project can enjoy the benefits from CBNT.

(P.S. the ad bidding system will be launched later on the website, but we all can share the ads revenue at Chinese version which will be distributed at Middle of June. Please stay tuned!)

What’s the CaiBao Room?

The CaiBao Room is a token pool that saves the tokens and coins from donation and also all the revenue from ads on CBNT (ETH、CBNT, & USDT). 100% of the revenue from the CaiBao Room will be distributed and exchanged by CBNT token holders. Each user’s available balance will be screenshotted every hour at a random time, 24 hours a day. The CaiBao revenue will be allocated according to the proportion locked and sent at 2:00 AM on the 12th of every month (Singapore time); the distribution will last for about 1 to 3 hrs. After allocations are sent, users can apply to exchange at any time.

Allocation and Exchange rules:

  1. Only users who passed KYC can enjoy revenue on the CaiBao Room.

  2. Only the available balance will count to the allocation of CaiBao Room, while the locked token does not count.

  3. The CaiBao Room revenue will be distributed once a month on the 12th. The revenue to be distributed this month is the revenue from 12th of last month to 12th of this month.

  4. The allocation proportion is based on each user’s average available balance to all users’ available balance from midnight on the 12th of last month to this month.

  5. Each time the CaiBao room has revenue distribution, you can exchange at once, and then wait for next months allocation.

  6. Each exchange consumes 1 CBNT, so you need to pay 1 CBNT when applying to exchange.

  7. The release rate, please refer to the release rules.

How to get higher revenue for a higher release rate?

How to get a higher release rate with the ads revenue increasing?

  1. If you are a viewer surfing on CBNT and click the ad of a good or service that you want to buy, you can also place an order. No matter it’s you clicking the ads or you place an order, all the revenue will be converted to the CaiBao Room and returned to all CBNT participants, including you.

  2. If you are a content generators, please post more high-quality and original content, and share to your friends on other platforms. The soul of CBNT is to meet the needs of users for high-quality news and information, bringing more traffic to CBNT and attracting advertisers.

  3. If you are an advertisers, please promote your products and services on CBNT. Here we have accurate traffic and real users; the win-win mechanism and tokenomic model will make sure strong ROI for your advertising on CBNT. 




Nice one team. Keep it up