The Real Reason Why Youtube Removed My Top Performing Video

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Authored by @David Greenberg

A few days ago, I woke up to discover that Youtube had removed one of my recent videos.

The email claimed that my video violated one of their community policies.

The video was trending at #2 in views from my top 10 recent videos.

It is called “Nobody Is Going To Save You.”

16 - Nobody is Coming to Save You.png

Like all of my recent videos, I uploaded to multiple platforms, including 3Speak, Bitchute, Odyssee, Flote, Rumble, and others.

This effectively makes the video uncensorable, as removing it from all these platforms is almost impossible.

I’ve included the original thumbnail here, and I’ll provide some links below in the comments if you want to check it out.

Regarding their claim against my video content, Youtube stated:

“Content glorifying or inciting acts of violence is not allowed on YouTube.”

The irony of this claim probably will escape most people reading this post, so I’d better explain.

First of all, what exactly is an “act of violence?”

An act of violence is precisely an act that is a violation of natural law.

In other words, it is the initiation of harm by one person onto another.

Harm is done through the theft of someone’s life (murder), their rights (coercion, deception, etc), or their physical property.

If you are even marginally aware of me and my work, then you know that I am the last person on earth who would conduct any kind of violence.

Quite the opposite:

I’ve pretty much dedicated myself to teaching principles of natural law and objective morality.

The main tenant of which is the common-sense principle:

Cause no harm.

So, clearly and objectively, I am not someone who has, is, or will ever glorify or incite violence even once in any of my content.

So, what’s the REAL reason why Youtube removed my video?

As I’ve talked about extensively in my work, most of our civilization is built on lies.

Everything is inverted and presented as the exact opposite of what it actually is.

George Orwell hinted at this in his book 1984 when he famously wrote:

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

He was attempted to reveal through allegory what is actually happening in the world.

The Youtube policy is an example of the inversion.

Someone (I, in this example) who is trying to share knowledge about the truth is painted as the “bad guy.” and “causing harm.”

The only actual damage that I could cause here is to expose the occultic priest class running Youtube and other mainstream institutions for the lying frauds that they actually are.

And perhaps to hurt the feelings of the low-life immoral trash who work at Youtube and who enforce such policies.

I don’t know exactly how the Youtube community enforcement works, but I imagine it went down more or less like this:

A completely immoral and deeply programmed moron stumbles across my video.

Being deeply offended as their morally relativistic and solipsistic worldview is exposed as the complete lie that it actually is, they flag my video for review.

The deeply traumatized and psychologically damaged employees of Youtube – in order to keep getting their paycheck – meets their quota for removing flagged videos.

It is likely they don’t even review the actual content itself.

Youtube of course claims that these policies are to keep their platform “safe.”

What they actually mean is to keep themselves safe from being exposed as the complete low-life immoral scumbags that they actually are.

Youtube is definitely NOT a platform for free speech or freedom of expression.

Sure, the vast majority of content on the platform never gets censored or removed.

But most of it is mindless trash.

And even content that is somewhat empowering won’t touch any of the deeply important and critical knowledge related to the true nature of reality.

Youtube is the epitome of post-modernism:

A platform where content is judged by how it makes you feel, not by its actual value and worth in terms of creating freedom and helping to evolve human consciousness.

Given how utterly psychopathic the policies are, I doubt my channel will last a year on the platform.

And I don’t really care.

Because, first of all, I am never going to stop speaking the truth.

And secondly, I am going to continue to publish on as many platforms as possible, to avoid censorship.

Now, let me say this briefly:

I have used some very harsh language in this post, to describe the state of being and behaviors of the people involved.

And I am correct.

They are objectively bad people, who act immorally in return for a paycheck.

Having said that, I can assure you – as people who know me can attest - that I am not an “angry person,” and frankly, I don’t even hold grudges.

I am actually very happy with my own personal life, and also one hundred percent committed to this work.

That’s because I am a person of principles.

I value truth, courage, and freedom above anything else.

I’m willing to make serious sacrifices in order to live as a free human being.

Are you?

If yes, then here’s where you come in:

A good first step would be to begin your study of this important knowledge..

You’ll find some links below in the comments to help guide you.

From there, I will provide further suggestions for reading and study, so you can continue to learn and grow.

And thanks in advance for your involvement.


Want to watch the removed video? You can watch it here: