Take Action To Change

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Optimists take action to change their circumstances, while pessimists lose courage and do nothing. Optimists react more calmly in emergencies, so they have more time and energy to deal with problems. Optimists have more friends and romantic partners, they live longer and they make more money.

Usually when a person is optimistic they reacted to things in a more friendly and calm manner. When I am pessimistic, I feel something is going wrong and I will be very tense and keep thinking again and again. But if I am optimistic, I would think about how to solve the problem without disturbing myself too much.

I tend to be an optimist. There are certain things I can offer you because of that, besides the obvious one of making you have a good time whenever we're together. There is a positive atmosphere around me, and I bring it with me everywhere I go.

Imagine a world where people would only think that tomorrow is going to be worse than today. In this situation, many people would give up and stop trying to live their life.