Their Actions.

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It is sad to see how the whole of humanity is judging. We only think that the difference between us is in color or race, but the truth is that we humans are differentiating by the quality of people and their actions.

There is a superficial layer of human history. And this layer is where most people are. They are always trapped in their own world, their own minds... This leads to their inability to do anything new, change something. But thankfully, the world still has another layer that is not so polluted. This other layer maintains its beauty and purity because of those who bravely step out of the typical mindset and turn their creativity into reality, sometimes at the cost of their lives or even just determination.

While this is an exception, it is nevertheless something that occurs with extreme frequency in society. As we live day by day, we discover how these actions are carried out and this makes us realize how much we need to change in our way of thinking.