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CENTER Regardless of the nature of its environment, the center of the symbol lyzes movement from outside to inside, from form to analysis, from diversity to unity, from cosmos to infinity, from time to eternity and the absence of time frames. The mysterious center corresponds to the intention to allow a person to return to his primeval paradisiacal state" and to teach find yourself in the world. In the Hindu wheel, the center (axis) is location of god. In the diagram of the cosmos, the Creator is given a central place, so that he appears as if surrounded by an almond-shaped circle or halo (formed by the intersection of the circle of heaven and the circle of earth), surrounded by concentric circles projecting forward, and the wheel of the zodiac, the twelve-month agricultural cycle, and the fourfold division , I correspond to the tetramorph and the seasons. Among the Chinese, a dot surrounded by concentric circles symbolized infinity, an expanding form, and, consequently, a symbol of the universe. In Western emblems, the head of an eagle sometimes has the same meaning. In some Hindu mandalas (such as the Sri Yantra), the center as such was not depicted, but the contemplator had to see it