Century: Age of Ashes Doesn't Deserve to Die - YouTube Review

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I've just uploaded my third video over on my YouTube channel! This time we're playing Century: Age of Ashes, a team-based multiplayer game where you mount dragons and shoot fireballs. What more do you wish for?

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The production of this video went a lot smoother than my Knockout City video did. I was able to utilize the experience gained from making that video into streamlining this production a bit. Most of the time saved came from better organization of files as well as faster cutting and arranging of clips and voice-over.

I had a bit of a focus on getting to know key frames in Adobe Premiere Pro a bit better for this video. You should be able to see this fairly well during some segments when the camera pans and moves across the screen to different areas of the image. Most of this is visible during menu segments like where I talk about the different classes and the cashshop.


I feel like using small animations like these makes the video feel more alive instead of it just being static clips all the time. It takes a bit more time to do but it's definitely worth it in the end.

As for the content of the video I've tried to incorporate my own thoughts and opinions throughout the video instead of offloading it all in its own segment towards the end. I feel like this creates a more natural pacing for the video and makes it a bit more personal from my end.

I don't really have much more to say about this production as it all went rather smoothly, aside from some cursing and swearing while figuring out some key frame quirks.


My next two videos will most likely be tips and tricks videos for both this game and Knockout City. I feel like that is something that might give some retention to my channel as it increases the chances of people coming there for to learn about Knockout City clicks on to the next Knockout City video on my channel.

I'm also quite satisfied with the performance of my channel so far. My first two videos have gotten over 130 views combined with my Knockout City video raking in a few views every day still.


What I like the most though is the fact that over 20% of my views so far has come from the YouTube search feature. This means that I'm not only getting views from all of you beautiful people. I love this as it might mean that I'm doing a good job of with the SEO on my videos.


I also have a click-through rate on the Knockout City video of close to 10%. What this means is that 38 out of the 415 people that has seen my thumbnail and video title somewhere has clicked and viewed the video. This can be people getting it recommended after watching another video or seeing it while scrolling through their search results. I would of course hope for it to be higher but I think 10% is pretty great.

I've also climbed up to 27 subscribers now which means I'm well over 1/4th on the way to my 100 subscriber goal. We're getting there.

One thing I'll be changing in my videos going forward is to tell people to like and subscribe if they want to learn more about free to play gaming. Now I'm just asking for it in my videos with no real argument as to why people should do that.

Enjoy the video, and like and subscribe to learn more about Free to Play gaming!

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All images in this post are screenshots taken by me.

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Flying as dragon must feel so great. I liked watching you fly as the dragon.

By the way, I subscribed your youtube channel a moment before and I didn't know you're rewarding for that. Now I'm reading your post and I got to know about that.
And I like to be rewarded 😄

I am your 31st subscriber.

Your voice is so clear in the video!
I think I would choose the Phantom but the Windguard's armor is so cool, I might switch. LOL
OMG There are a lot of amazingly designed dragons!
Makes me interested in the game. 😅

Good luck on the youtube journey!
Liked and subscribed 😅

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 0.10.27.png


already subbed, but review was good. 😉👍

game looks good and like fun to play. I think u will get many good subs from this one. :)

It's good to see that there are a number of totally free games that are not another BR or another MOBA or simply an imitation but try to create new genres or at best renew them as in this case, I only regret not being able to play it, I just saw the graphic quality and I lost my enthusiasm, worse was when I saw the requirements hahahahahaha, although it is not like a gtx760 is a big deal, but well, for me it is xd, anyway, good review and I am a subscriber to your youtube channel, just I do not use the same username tha I have in Hive, maybe I have to change it :v.

btw I also like dragons haha, Greetings.

Century: Age of Ashes was fun and an interesting take on an 'Aerial Combat Arena'. Navigating the maps and avoiding fireballs was a rush! I haven't played in a few months due to always running against whole premade teams while I was solo queued. I read Season 1 launched recently so I hope the game gets a boost of players.

I'm glad you are finding success with your new Youtube Channel and I hope you have fun finding new Free to Play games to showcase!

I hate games that take too long! I like this one because each match isn't too long....

It's good you opened a new channel... Gaming is a popular force on d internet, It's only a matter of time.

Btw, I watched, liked and subscribed.

Good luck on building your channel. !PIZZA

Cheers! It's fun making videos. This one is popping off as well. Up to almost 180 views now and it's one of the top hits if you search for the game.

I've been a subscriber since you posted your first video and I will continue to be. I don't know a better channel for promoting free games and I'm here until you have millions of subscribers. I've already posted my thoughts on the game under the Youtube video, but I'll say it again.
I'm very curious how to play the Stomraiser class, I hope you'll explain it in your next post. Because it looks very cool. I love the idea of hatching your own dragon. Thanks for a great free game!

Here you go buddy


Looks fun! Even if for just a few hours or occasional play. Commented and liked the vid, and I'm downloading it now on steam. Thanks!

Cheers man! It's definitely a good game that's in a bit of a bad state right now. The devs are focusing solely on the PlayStation release so there won't be any content updates untel the end of October it seems. I have videos explaining this as well if you wanna check them out. Let me know how you like it!

I don't understand how I hadn't seen this, I guess a feedback error, I already activated the notifications so it won't happen again :(

I can't believe how beautiful it looks for how little I saw it weighs, looks like an amazing game, and looks, beautiful dude! This video is awesome, I like it so much and btw the editing is getting better and better, keep it up bro! I know the channel has a great future and will grow more and more.

Thanks dude! I'm kinda overwhelmed this video is getting close to 700 views. Glad to hear my editing is looking nice. I try and improve upon all the time and it gets easier as time goes by.

Nice man! Just checked out the views for your videos. I'm still trying to hit that sweet spot. I find my Saints row videos are the ones that perform okay. Congrats on the 31 subs dude!

Cheers! I spend a bit of time trying to SEO my videos through tags, title, description and thumbnail. I don't know if that's what got this one to perform well but at least it didn't hurt!

I really fell in love with this game. It's a game that looks amazing and can really become challenging and quite exciting. Sometimes you can go so fast that it's complicated to fight against other dragons. I quite liked the video, the editing is pretty good, although I would change the font of several things, I feel they don't go with the quality of your video, idk hahaha. Keep it up dude.

Cheers Perce! I'll look into the font thing. I've kinda been trying to go with the same font all the time to keep it on brand.

Nice review man. I visited your YouTube channel.
Do you play Clash of clans?

Cheers! Appreciate it. I tried it a good while ago but it's not really my type of game.

😂😂 before I started playing Clash of Clans I uninstall it twice cause it was very complicated to me and then oneday my friend had helped me a little bit.From there it has been 5+ years I am playing it.

I love your last update about dragon. In COC there is dragon also.I love raiding villages with it.

Sent out 2HIVE in tips to @noomer, @wittyzell, @chinito, @samostically and @wirago. Thanks for the subs guys and sorry for the delay. Been traveling and just got home.

😊😉oh wow! thanks! i wasn't even expecting anything. just its cool to be your friend here on hive..

Hope you traveled well.
Thanks for the gift. I'm happy to be one of your subscribers.
Keep building your channel.

Oh my, what a treat! Thanks a lot!

Thanks alot. I hope you had a safe journey!


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I really like playing games, but my smartphone device doesn't support strong performance games

This game is only out for PC and consoles so mobile isn't an option.

Yes, Yes, Yes. I understand

Have a nice day