@cfminer Investors Report 05.02.2018 - Mining During The Dip

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Hi guys, update time :)


Currently, because of the BTC and altcoins 50% price drop (so called bloodbath:), the profitability in USD also dropped by around 50% - from $32 levels to around $16. This is the bad news, the good one is that in SBD the profitability stayed the same - around 5 SBD daily (around 0.002 BTC daily).

The daily earnings drop should shake off some of the smaller miners leaving more BTC for the more committed ones ;)

Today I've made the withdrawal from NiceHash wallet (5 days of mining), currently confirmed and pending:
It's blocktrades address which will convert it to around 26 SBD.

Investors also received today payout from posts rewards (5 SBD).

In others news, the rig is very stable, the only thing I'm doing regarding the rig is slowly increasing the memory clocks for all cards :)


Thanks for the update.

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Probably at around $3000 - if profitability would drop to around $5 the electricity cost would be equal to income (so no profit).