@cfminer Investors Report 27.01.2018: Rig In The Basement, Temps Are Down, HashRate Is Up :)

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Hi guys, update time:

Current Mining Process:

The rig is still mining on ahashpool.com. The payouts of 0.005 BTC are made every 10 days, payouts above 0.01 BTC are made daily. Th rig will mine there for about 3 more days to reach the 0.01 balance and them move to NiceHash - as most of the investors requested.

The Rig Is In The Basement

I've bought a storage shelf, exactly this one, placed it in my basement and moved the rig onto it :) The basement is the coolest space in my house, especially during the winter so I was able to overclock the GPUs a little higher. I still want to buy some small fan to move the hot air from between the cards. Lower temps no only allow to overclock the cards higher but keep the whole card (PCB, capacitors) at lower temp so better longevity is provided.

Post Payouts

@cfminer is currently sitting on 51 SBD :) 4 SBD so far were saved for electric bill and 4 more are saved for funding better equipment / repairs. This leaves us with 41 SBD and more are coming from post payouts so - what do we do with them?
Possible solutions:

  • buy Steem Power, sell @cfminer vote to voting bot for daily profit.

I'm already selling the vote for about 0.07 SBD daily, payouts every 7 days from smartsteem service. This of course will be treated as normal income and will be distributed to investors. Personally I like this option the most - long term investment.

  • pay all to investors

Distribute the payouts to investors according to stake.

  • 50/50: use half of the post payouts to buy Steem Power, distribute the second half.

I prefer buying 100% Steem Power, but if you guys would like to get the payouts I think the middle road here is OK. I will try to post updates every 2-3 days, hopefully I'll have something to write about :)



Lets go the 50/50 route.

I like the 50/50 option going forward. Regular returns for investors and reinvestment into future returns.

I kinda lean towards this middle road too.

I support too the 50/50 option

I also support 50/50.

I second @leongkhan ... yay 👍

Powering up and selling votes has my vote


How can I be part of this?

Currently the funding is over. In the future users should be able to trade shares. Just follow @cfminer :)

okay ,follow done. thanks for the respond

You welcome :)

I like the Powering up and selling votes has my vote option but what service will you be using to sell the upvotes?

smartsteem. Minnowbooster doesn't like to use it too much now, maybe vote value is too low.

If that the case I like the 50/50 option going forward

I'd say 50/50.

At this point are you considering doing a second rig at some point in the future?

Nope, the electric system at my house my not handle constant 2 kWh electric usage + the rest of devices. You need some industrial space rented for that:)

buy some small fan with the post payouts

Already done :)

I like your thinking CF but I would hold in case of break down. And repairs

There is a fund for this where 10% of mined income is kept :)

thanks tipu!