@cfminer Investors Report 29.01.2018 - New Fan, Post Payouts

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Hi guys, two updates today:

New Fan

I bought a new fan for the rig, exactly this one:

It's much more compact so it's easier to place it properly on the shelf. Thanks to it I'm currently pushing memory + 300 mhz on all cards and slowly increasing the number. The cards are running around 60 C with one exception - the last GF1080 that I bought from the Palit brand. This one is evidently weaker than the Gigabyte cards but those were unavailable at that time (they are now but much more expensive). This one is running at 70 C with lower core clock than the Gigabyte cards but the memory is still +300 :)

Post Payouts

Following the investors decision, 50% of the post payouts are distributed among investors and 50% are used to buy Steem Power and sell @cfminer vote to voting bot (smartsteem). I've also delegated 19 SP from my rather unused accounts to @cfminer to increase the vote power :) Currently the voting bot pays around 0.1 SBD daily with payouts every 7 days.

Currently the rig is still mining on ahashpool to reach 0.01 BTC payout threshold. Theoretically those guys also make payouts of 0.005 BTC balances every 10 days but I'll stick to them to get this 0.01 BTC. On the other side I would prefer to switch to NiceHash as soon as possible as currently it should give better payouts.



wow new fan mush more compact
thakn you @cfminer for it

CF you missed my payout on last run . : (

Probably problem with steem node (couldnt send trsnsfer). Your "to send" balance should be saved and added to next payout but I will check it :)

Anything I have to do tipu ?

Nope :)


Yep, got 0.143 SBD to be send - will be added to next payout :)

I want to be part of your team @cfminer

Sorry, funding is closed but I will be working on buying / selling shares :)