Cfminer Investors Update 03.03.2018: No Time To Explain, Mining SmartCash :D

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Hi guys, I've got very little time so quick update :D

  1. Around 70 USD are waiting on nicehash and ahashpool in BTC waiting to be transferred to blocktrades for SBD and distributed between investors.

  1. Check out this post, interesting stuff:
    Because the market is in the dip anyway I've pointed the rig to mine smartcash in plan to hold it a little and see if it can gain value over time :) Tomorrow I will post how many coins can be mined in 24h but it should be around 50 coins (around 11 USD daily at the moment).



@cfminer maybe you could open up masternode shareholder for smartcash. It kinda like mining.

I have no clue about mining but SmartCash is pretty profitable to mine, isn't it? Particular considering the fact that the value has been over $2 USD before Bitcoin pulled everything down early January.

There are more profitable coins to mine but if smartcash can gain value over next month or two, it should be good :)

@mawitt07 is kind of an expert on Smartcash. He might be able to shine some light for us.

I got into smartcash for smartrewards.

i think this is a smart move, as i am also one of the cfminer investors, i do say its great, smart cash has lots of potentials in the nearest or so. go for it CF.