@cfminer Investors Update 05.03.2018

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Hi guys :)

Incoming Payments

Currently there's 0.0058 BTC ($66) on ahashpool waiting for automatic payout + around 0.002 BTC ($23) on NiceHash that I should be able to withdraw in 2 days.

Mining Process

OK, I've been mining smartcash for about half a day - after doing some reseach I've found that there's only one official pool mining the coin, also it is being delisted from various crypto exchanges. Seems there's not much future for the coin but who knows, maybe it will reborn. About 20 coins were mined (something like 3 USD), I'll check the price from time to time and sell them if pump occurs.

Currently I'm looking for good mining opportunities, more profitable than NiceHash. One of those seems to be mining HSR algo. I've found very good miner fork for this specific algo:
And pointed the miner to this algo on ahashpool:
I'm getting 100 mh/s and according to the table on the right, this should generate 0.0016 BTC/day ($18/day). The only problem is that there are only few miners for this algo now and it can take time to find a block. We'll see, I will keep the miner pointed on this algo for about 12 more hours and see if block can be found. I like the fact that the algo is not very popular yet :)

If this won't generate expected income, I will be mining zcash directly - this should ensure daily payouts which I would like to have :)


Thanks for the heads up about Smartcash. I am holding some coins so will need to ditch them as soon as there is a pump also. Hopefully they will pull through. Do you have any ideas as to why they are getting delisted on the exchanges?

Probably it's getting less and less popular :(