@cfminer Investors Update 24.02.2018

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Hi guys, update time :)

Mining Process

I've switched the miner to mine on zpool.ca
Wallet addess: https://www.zpool.ca/?address=3EhQvk2KorUEVjmEd9giudUurE17UjQinL
Currently NiceHash gives suboptimal profit. The reason for that is on NiceHash you don't mine any coins, you sell your hashing power to buyers. If there's smaller number of buyers and they don't want to pay much, the hashing power sellers earn less - which is happening now.

I will be testing zpool and few other auto-switching pools to pick the best one until nicehash returns to more profitable state.

Current Profitability

Overall the market is in the dip, if you check reddit/r/nicehash or reddit/r/gpumining - everyone is like "omg, is this normal that my profits dropped like 3x since last week?" :D The rig is currently making about $16 daily so a bit less then 5 SBD.

Using @blocktrades Instead #Poloniex To Convert Mined Profit To SBD

I haven't used poloniex to automatically convert mined BTC/LTC to SBD for few last payouts and it seems @blocktrades is doing good job. Even though the amount of converted BTC/LTC is not big, the rates are good. Also I'm using the same BTC address all the time so there's no need to create new one for each transaction. Neat.

The only sad point - I really worked hard on this auto-convert poloniex bot, maybe I'll make it open source :D

Selling @cfminer Vote To @tipU

Recently I've spend some time on improving the @tipU voting bot. The reason why I'm selling @cfminer vote to @tipU is that @tipU pays 40% of vote value, minnowbooster and the rest around 30% - so it's more profitable.

If you want, you can delegate/invest in @tipU for daily payouts, you'll find more info here. Sorry for the ad :D

@tipU will pay daily to @cfminer and @cfminer will distribute it to the investors according to the stake (if the payout is at least 0.001 SBD).

If you have any questions or propositions, let me know in the comments - cheers!



Thanks for the update!!!

This is great I know what you mean by fees dropped mining rig rentals profit dropped like crazy for me last 2 weeks i have moved to mining new or most profitable cryptonote coins.

auto-convert poloniex bot, maybe I'll make it open source :D

That would be great! Right now my bots are dead because of issues with the public nodes. What nodes do you use for @cfminer and @tipu?

Hi! Sorry for late replay!
I've noticed some problems few days ago, thought that maybe it's my net connection. I've switched to:
And it's working great :)

Check this site too: