@cfminer Update 12.02.2018

in #cfminer5 years ago
Hi guys, just a quick update:

Currently the wallet balance is 0.01202436 BTC (105 USD), and there will be one more payment in about 2 hours with 0.002 BTC (from last 24H mining). I'm planning to convert it to SBD today :)

Let me know if, when the BTC price drops, I should stop converting BTC to SBD and wait few days for the BTC to go up again or just convert every few days and don't look at the conversion rate.


I'm in no hurry for a ROI but I think that converting every few days is more convenient for you and can be automated.

Just discovered this a little too late... Or is it? Is there a way we can invest still?

Funding is closed :) I will be working on option to buy/sell shares so you can follow @cfminer to stay up to date ;)

Okay...i will notify you..

Thank you for the update.

Thanks CF : )

hi D:)
Love day greetings