@cfminer Update: New Mining System

in #cfminer5 years ago

Hi guys, I'm testing zpool - an very interesting alternative to miningpoolhub.com

It has few advantages compared to miningpoolhub:

The auto-exchange functionality (exchanging the mined coins to one payout crypto) seems to work much faster than on mph.com - I still have there bunch of coins that are sitting on exchange wallet doing nothing, while on zpool the exchange is almost instant.

Everyone can check the miner in real-time:

And also it seems to make payouts in BTC more often than NiceHash.

So, the current link to check how's the miner doing is:




sounds good bro

how much is the btc fee?

No info, gonna have to test it.

Thanks for update. :-)

I love the detail of the site as it pertains to the activity of the miner. To me, it seems much more transparent, but I guess we will have to see in the log run. Good stuff and thank you for the information.

How I can also invest into this system ?

You cant but in the future Im planning shares trading.