LinusTechTips Makes A 13 GPU Rig... Let's Compare It To @cfminer ;)

in #cfminer5 years ago (edited)

A very interesting video was just posted by LinusTechTips:

LinusTechTips is a very popular yt channel about PC hardware. They do a lot of reviews, testing etc. This time they decided to make a crypto mining rig and it's their second attempt, which should be pretty much optimal design. I found it very interesting :)

They video displays and explains the process of making the rig. Few observations:

  • they went mainly for AMD cards which in my opinion is not such a great idea
  • they mention that GF1060 and 1070 are very popular for mining but they don't mention that prices of those went up so much that GF1080 is actually better choice (or was before it's price spiked too;)
  • they've build the rig with 13 GPUs and 3 PSUs :o
  • income per month - $900. @cfminer income per month with just 6 GPUs and 2 PSUs - $950+ :D and is uses much less power I suppose (those AMD cards are power hungry)

So yeah, the @cfminer rig seems to be quite well designed :)


Maybe you should make a video on dtube ;)

Also will you be funding again in the future?

Currently I'm not planning making another rig, maybe if I find a good, cool place with good electric system (infrastructure).


Dang 1 btc a year. I must make a rig for sure. Thanks.

You need to invest alot of money

Great video on rig matters. I really love your note on observations.

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