- Check The Miner Live

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Hi guys, quick update from mobile.

If you want to check hows the miner doing on miningpoolhub, check out this website:

Its a 3rd party website created to allow miners to track the mining progress on :)

Also Ive been doing some reading and it turnes out that uses PPLNS system to reward miners which means the longer you mine specific coin, the more rewards you get. This makes it not the best choice for auto profit switching but with some tweaks in the settings it should be good. Lets see if its better then NiceHash.


Just a heads up: it seems the website stopped updating miner but it's still mining.

Okay, will check it out, thanks @cfminer

Great job CF : )

Hello again, I have already available to start the project, do you accept steem or does it have to be sbd?
I have only 1 steem to start.

tell me if it is enough for the moment and when it could start.

Funding is closed :(

temporarily ?, or are you going to have more rounds?

Currently not planning more rounds.

Erm? These are not offers, these are normal multipools and you can see quite well whats happening :) maybe you were reffering to zpool, which is kinda shady?

Thanks for explanation :)

What I was wondering is: If you ignore that duration reward and just stick to what is the most profitable by market price, how many percentage of profit do you lose?

Very hard to tell, so many variables. Maybe something like 10%? But the most profitable coin may stay most profitable for long duration also.

I assume, you can compensate for that price distortion.

The plan is to mine for at least 2 days and see the profit. I'm also considering sticking to one coin (ZClassic) that is on top of profitability since few weeks now.

But at the end of the day NiceHash seems to be most transparent and gives most profit (for now). Only the fees...

Lately NiceHash lowered fees for internal wallet so its most profitable despite fees - for now at least. The only problem is that I have to withdraw manually and I want the system to be fully automated.