ZPool 48H+ Mining Report - Not Good Enough!

in #cfminer5 years ago (edited)

Hi guys, some info about mining on ZPool.

The Awesome Miner is reporting 29 USD daily profit.
But when you look at the rate of balance increase on ZPool itself, you can see that it's around 0.002 BTC / day which is 22 USD. That's quite a difference.

I don't know the reason of that - the hashrate reported by Awesome Miner and Zpool are the same so either Awesome Miner has problems with estimating most profitable coin to mine or ZPool is doing something fishy. In fact if you google ZPool, one of the first results is: Zpool - Does it take 20-22% fee?.

Maybe they just have some bugs but anyway I've decided to now test properly miningpoolhub.com and in the meantime the payout from ZPool should be done :) If mph.com will also give lower profit than expected I will switch to NiceHash again - this one reported correct profit and I can use internal wallet for lower fees.



When nicehash add litecoin or when bitcoin has LN let's go back to nicehash

Agree. But they have lowered the fee for internal wallet yesterday anyway :)

Thanks for update :-)