iGameboy, December 1st

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The advertisements of old missed the point. The offer of value arises from necessity, answering “Me First”. To sell stuff, you didn’t have to fabricate a wanted desire, simply answer an honest need. In the wintry winds of the first of the last month, you need a coat. The heavy rail trains ran on the hour, a ton of iron and steel rumbling so low, the feeling’s underneath your feet. You don’t wait in the cold, ideally. You take a shopping aisle’s walk with one option: stay warm. Flying in the face of logic, ads tried supermodels to get men to game on the Nintendo SP. Kids just want to see the game.


The backlit screen improves on the value of the handheld as games carry out into the night. I still remember my fourth generation playthrough, the way young pictures of your older brother surprised people. I think about the game to a point it gives pause to the night’s feature film or afternoon shopping. Work like a pro. Play like a pro. The SP gave and upbraided not, now rechargeable unlike its predecessor, the Advance. I remember a personal moment about these devices their introduction on in my life. They brought laughter and excitement Feelings around the holidays warm up in places the winds turn bitter. It was around then, my aunt offered me this device – a brand new Gameboy Advance SP. I was stunned in part because by some miracle, I received the Gameboy Advance recently from my mother. Then, she foisted a labor upon me. A tough choice in my face, I took an option I ponder more than a decade later. Did I maximize or satisfice back then? Did I do what was best for me given the opportunity cost? Cliché or not, if I could go back, I would. Alas, time goes on like the tracks. Ads do not often appeal to identities either. They like to miss that train. Gameboys are for everyone who likes to get away, with something that fits in your pocket. Apple capitalizes on this. iPhones sync to iTunes and your identity. Identify with exploring? Check. What do you seek in games? Play. The same in robes in the wind as instruments of an orchestra as protrayals of characters for a larger audience. Play.

You know my name. Exploring caves and avoiding bats, running at the speed of sound, eating enemies, and increasing abilities. iGameboy.

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I knew you were a playa playa!

I received the Gameboy Advance recently from my mother. Then, she foisted a labor upon me.

Hold up; your mom bought a Gameboy before asking you to do things? That's a really nice lesson in life that you learned as a kid. Trust me, when you get older yourself; you realize the lesson that your mom really taught you.

You think so? Guess I gotta take some things on faith. :p

You'll end up teaching your own kids the same way she did. Because it worked :D