Chandrayaan-2 Mission

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India's lunar mission suffered a setback in the early hours of Saturday when ISRO lost contact with the lander Vikram just two kilometers before the lunar surface. With this, the future of Chandrayaan-2 mission costing Rs 978 crore has been shrouded in darkness. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) President K.K. Sivan announced the breakdown of the contact, stating that the performance of the lander up to 2.1 km before the lunar surface was in line with the plan. He said that he lost contact thereafter.

Know about Chandrayaan-2 Mission
1- Around 1.38 am Saturday, when 1,471 kg Vikram started moving towards the lunar surface at a speed of 1,680 meters per second from a height of 30 km, everything was fine.

2- ISRO said in an official statement, "This is the Mission Control Center. Vikram Lander was following the plan and his performance was normal up to 2.1 km before the destination. The lander then lost contact with the center on the ground. The data is being analyzed. "

3- On the screen of ISRO's Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network Center, it was seen that Vikram slightly deviated from his path and then lost contact. The lander was coming down very comfortably, and ISRO officials were cheering at regular intervals. The lander successfully completed its rough breaking phase and it was moving towards the surface at a good speed. Read more click here..


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