@SchoolForSDG4 was visited by Phoenix School, UK (10 November 2019)

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Hello All,

It was a great day for our @SchoolForSDG4 again. We were visited by Veronica from Phoenix School, UK again this month. But I was not to welcome them as I am living in Germany. It was around 6 Am for me when they are visiting the school.


I joined them with a video call to see kids and meet our visitors. It was great to see kids are happy and some people already there to help.

Thanks to @tecnosgirl for her recent donation of 15 Steem and 15 SBD. She also shared her thoughts about the school on facebook. I hope she will get better soon and recover from the illness.

Thanks to people behind @oracle-d , @threespeak for supporting our latest @fundition fundraising campaign.


Veronica shared her thoughts after visiting and she also would like to connect us with some computer teachers who will help out kids to learn computer knowledge.

I will try to share the video from 3speak about the visit. Thanks for reading.

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