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I need your help!


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We need YOUR help in finding the charitable pages to support that are here on the Steemit platform! There is a huge opportunity for us on Steemit and that opportunity is to GIVE and help those who are less fonrtunate than ourselves. If this DApp can stand for one thing it could be the DApp for giving and for charity, which resonates with our mission statement.


So, I hear you ask how can you help. It is really this simple...


We have been supporters of pages such as @steemchurch, @adollaraday and @luppers for a while now. They post content which proves that they are committed to charitable and loving work. What we can do here at @charitycurator is we can give our upvotes to them which comes with a financial transfer, as you all should know. This money that they can claim is then out to more good use and more good work because we can see where the money has been invested in a later post. This is HUGE. There is such clarity and such honesty with which the money is being spent from upvotes that are given on their Steemit posts. This could perhaps trump today's common approaches to giving as there is a lot of friction with people's money and also not a lot of transparency with where their money goes, something positive that hopefully @ned is aware of especially in these difficult times for the block chain. For me, this was a huge lightbulb moment and a real opportunity that I so graciously saw and grabbed with both hands. The amazing thing is that the concept WORKS. The next obstacle is simply scalability. At the moment, our 100% upvotes sits at $0.42 (1 Steem = $0.28), yet this isn't sufficient to have huge impact we are working on increasing our SP and have set a goal of 2.5 Million SP.... yes MILLION.

We are currently supporting the following pages although are looking to find more to support, please drop them down in the comments below!

  1. @steemitkidsworld
  2. @schoolforsdg4 (Run by @azizbd)
  3. @scholarsph (Run by @tagalogtrail)
  4. @thegreens (Run by @mr-greens)
  5. @adollaraday (Run by @pennsif)
  6. @papilloncharity (Run by Stephen (Zac) and Marian Smith)
  7. @littledisciples
  8. @dreamsoftheocean (Run by @surfermarly)
  9. @treeplanter
  10. @mhm-philippines (@daddywilliam)
  11. @lotusleaf (supported by @fundition)
  12. @ecodesigns
  13. @tarc
  14. @youarehope (Run by @sircork)
  15. @sc-v
  16. @sc-g
  17. @seekgod
  18. @steemchurch
  19. @sc-n
  20. @walkofhope (Run by @immarojas)
  21. @beyonddisability
  22. @steemarity
  23. @steemitmamas
  24. @cindyik
  25. @gtpjfoodbank
  26. @steemitcharity
  27. @womenempowerment
  28. @FamilyProtection (Run by @canadian-coconut)
  29. @cooking4charity
  30. @globalfoodbook
  31. @gardenofeden
  32. @biodiversity
  33. @ecotrain
  34. @forestfriendly
  35. @save-elephants
  36. @solarcoach

These are the pages that we have added to our fan base and auto voter on @steemauto so that we can never miss a post to curate!

Answer these questions in the comment section below:

  1. What do you think about these pages?

  2. Which ones would you like to see?


Our mission @charitycurator is "To Raise 100 People Above The Poverty Line On The STEEM Blockchain". This is done by giving them $10 worth of upvotes / day on content that they upload on Steemit.

If our mission resonates with you and would like to get on board and support, here's how you can help:


1. Upvote @charitycurator content:

Upvoting our content allow us to gain more STEEM Power. Having more SP allows us to work towards our goal of 2.5M SP and thus being able to give charitable content the financial help that they need.

Even better could be adding us to your auto-voter on @steemauto so you never miss upvoting content that we post!

2. ReSteem our posts!

With any project on the STEEM blockchain, exposure is paramount. More eyes on the work means more potential help that we can generate together here at @charitycurator. If you have supported the project and feel that you can do no more, perhaps someone else can who is following you. By ReSteem-ing our work allows those people to see our work as well and also become potential supporters in the future! We would massively appreciate this!

3. Delegate SP to @charitycurator

This is a very generous thing that you can do. We are aware that every little helps, therefore we accept all quantities of delegations. We are finding out how to get links below for you to click and seamlessly offer your SP to us :) Or, you can head directly to our page and delegate there!

4. Join the @charitycurator SteemAuto Curation Trail:

We ask that you join our Curation Trail so that we can make a greater impact, together! The Trail is simply named: @charitycurator.

Here is a quick overview of @steemauto if you aren't aware of it.

@mahdiyari built a project to provide automation of curation on Steemit, called @steemAuto. One of the base features on this platform is a 'Curation Trail'. What this does is essentially you can copy the up voting of another user, compiling many users together would thus form a curation trail. What I would like to bring to the table is our @charitycurator based curation trail, thus allowing many Steemit users to come together and upvote content from pages such as @sc-v and @sc-g

This is our favourite part, the @steemauto curation trail allows us to automate the curation so that we never miss out on an opportunity to help!

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Great post!


Hi @charycirator! We admire his great will to help. The world needs so much love.

Thanks you!



You are welcome!

Awesome content, good luck!

Great initiative to curate charity. You are making sustainable contributions here @charitycurator.
Welcome to 2019!

Thank you, that is what we are aiming to do.

2019 is going to be a blessed year!

Thank you so much for supporting @tarc. We appreciate it deeply.

You are welcome for the support!



Wow! amazing! This is a worthy course to invest in the steem blockchain. Keep on the good works @c haritycurator

Thank you for the kind words!

The more that can jump on our 'bandwagon' the better!

Hey, @charitycurator!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steemit project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

Additional comment: We support your decision to ask the crowd for help in making your supported projects list. Upvoted and resteemed for visibility. Good luck!

Thank you for the support, we will take a look now!

Hi.. nice to saw this page. We are @indonesia-center. Indonesia Center is a crowdfunding center for disaster’s victim based on Steem Blockchain, and for the Independent Researcher bases.
We work for charity.

Thank you for commenting, we will take a look now!

You are welcome. we are happy for being a part of steem blockchain ecosystem

Hi, you left me a comment and asked me to fallow you and comment on your posts. I just fallowed you and I have to say I like the idea behind this post.

This is absolutely wonderful! I will be checking out all of the pages you mentioned!!! :) <3

Great! I'm glad you found it useful!

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Cool service!

True, I think I should get this.

Thank you, greeting my blog and fully supporting my post, I just learned in the world of Steemit, it is very lacking in all fields both writing and others. I thank you brother @charitycurator.

@f21steem Saya sangat mendukung keputusan Anda untuk meminta bantuan orang banyak dalam membuat daftar proyek semoga cepat berhasil!

I know I'm a little late to the party. @thevenusproject is my favorite charity. They are trying develop new systems using technology to ride the would of war, hunger, poverty, pollution, and many other social and environmental problems.