The Awesome SMILE Project: Bringing Hope and Love to the Street Kids of Cebu, Philippines

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The Awesome SMILE Project is my initiative to help children living in poverty, especially the street children here in Cebu, Philippines. This is a small but meaningful mission to put a smile on their faces, give hope to their dreams and inspire them to be so much more. In coordination with @jassennessaj and in partnership with @steemph.cebu, we are excited to bring joy to these little ones.

Story behind The Awesome SMILE Project

Last May 12, 2018, I was invited to attend a feeding program for the street children as celebration of our friend’s birthday. And with an eager heart, I arrived at the venue early enough to meet the street children before the program started. It filled my heart with mixed emotions. One kid just started running towards me and gave me a hug! I started interacting with the kids. The food was delivered and the hosting family arrived. We held a short program with a few games—the kids sure had a lot of fun. At one point, a kid approached me and asked for my shoes. One kid also told me that he did take a bath but wore the same clothes since he doesn’t have extra ones.


The Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family have opened the parking area of their dormitory to these children. The kids stay at the place every morning, between 9:00 to 12:00pm, except Tuesdays and Sundays. This place has become a safe haven for kids: to have free meals, take a shower, wash their clothes and sleep for a while. The free meals they have are sponsored by generous people. The toilet and shower rooms were built by that hosting family, some time ago, to provide the kids a place to take care of their hygiene. After that, they head out to the streets either to beg or find food again. Some kids would return to their families, some don’t. One sister even told me that they worry for these kids during rainy season especially for the ones who sleep on the streets at night.

During that whole experience, I knew in my heart that I would do something to help them in my own little way! I said my goodbyes to the kids and promised them that I will be back. After that, I went straight to meet my fellow Steemians here in Cebu, for the Cebu Writer’s Guild session and opened up about what I encountered. And, I’m happy to hear that they too, have the drive to do a community outreach program with the kids. Hence, I challenged myself to organize an outreach project to help these street children in need.

Why I call it The Awesome SMILE Project

During the encounter I had with the children, they were all about smiles. The smile they have on their face gave me hope. Their smiles were genuine! I was just supposed to be a stranger to them, but the way they smiled at me made me feel as if we knew each other for a very long time. The word awesome represents the people working hand in hand in helping people’s lives. The word SMILE is an abbreviation for this project’s motto:
SMILE (3).jpg

Why here in Steemit?

Steemit has been in support for meaningful change within real communities. Thus, Steemit has become a transformative resource for social interaction and community growth. We see communities created here and united through active participation in society. Since my journey here, all I received was positivity and love from everyone else. So for me, Steemit is the perfect platform for this movement.

After two months and a half, and meeting amazing people, my journey has been epic! Now is the time for me to give back these blessings to the world! So here I am with The Awesome SMILE Project!

We will also be an instrument to those fellow Steemians who wish to join projects like this, but are not able to do so due to work or location. Instructions on how you can be a part of The Awesome SMILE Project are provided below.



These kids are the ones you see begging or staying on the street. Some of them are left by their parents to fend for themselves. Some go to school if they have the financial support, some don’t. Some don’t know how to write yet. Some go home to their families, some stay on the streets for the night. The Luis Amigo Ladies Dormitory is their safe haven and refuge. Although the place is only open for them for a couple of hours, the place has provided them with so much more. I have met and interacted with each one of them. And, they are all special and awesome! Currently, there are around 30 street children who visit the dormitory regularly, but we are expecting 50 kids to attend the program. Their ages range from 4 months old to 16 years old.

Let us meet some of the kids.


14 years old
Wish list: Shirt, Shoes for playing basketball & Watch


12 years old
Wish list: Toy Remote Control, Shoes for playing basketball and Watch


9 years old
Wish list: Clothes, Shoes and Ball


8 years old
Wish list: Shirt, Teddy Bear & Shorts


12 years old
Wish list: Shoes, Pants & Watch


7years old
Wish list: Teddy Bear, Clothes and Bag


6 years old
Wish list: Clothes


8 Years old
Wish list: Drawing Materials & Clothes


12 years old
Wish list: Pants, Shoes for playing basketball & Clothes



The main goal of The Awesome SMILE Project is to bring hope and smile to these underprivileged young ones, through uniting fellow Amazing Steemians in creating magic for the Steemit community.

The following are the needs we wished to provide for 50 pax kids with the projected cost:


Any excess amount shall be used to purchase the following:
Foam/Mattress for sleeping
TOYS – Basketball for the boys and stuff toys for the girls

A program will be held as culmination for the project which will include:

GAMES@thian2817 and @liamnov
FEEDING@ybanezkim26 and @ryancalaunan
ART WORKSHOP@smaeunabs and @christianyocte
BASKETBALL GAME@jassennessaj and @josephace135
GIFT GIVING@indayclara, @morken and @steembytes
DOCUMENTATION@chuuuckie and @carlitojoshua

Target date for Culmination Activity:

June 02, 2018


Luis Amigo Ladies Dormitory, Cebu, Philippines



The earnings we will raise through this post will be allocated for the needs mentioned above.

Here are ways for you to help:

    This will make noise for this movement and attract other Steemians who are willing to extend their generosity.

    You can send any SBD amount to this account @indayclara and write on the memo “THE AWESOME SMILE PROJECT”

For Cebu based Steemians:

    We need hands to help out with the preparation for the said event. Please write your full name below and the word volunteer.

    We will happily accept any of the following for the bundles of joy:
    *Children's Clothing (used or new)
    *Story Books (used or new)
    *Toys i.e. dolls, stuff toys and balls (used or new)
    *Rice, Canned Goods or Biscuits
    *Detergent and Shampoo
    You can personally contact us on Discord: indayclara#7924 or morken#5604 to schedule the pick up.

All Donations and Expenses shall be liquidated for transparency and accountability. I will keep you up to date about the progress of this project.

To wrap this up, I, together with our Steem ambassador @jassennessaj, in partnership with @steemph.cebu and the rest of the gang are looking forward to your wholehearted support for this amazing project! Your upvote, resteems, volunteer and sponsorships are greatly appreciated!


Thank you fellow Amazing Steemians! Stay tune, Steem on and Always Remember...


With the help of our dynamic team in Cebu, I know that this will be a successful event. Thanks inday for giving me the opportunity to help.

@morken Thank you as well for the guidance and for your full support! I am nervous but definitely excited as well!

When we get nervous that means, you will be doing something new.

I hope I can fully contribute and help with project Clar! I am so much excited as well..

Im so proud that i know someone like you whos very generous to the need of others especially to the streetchildren.

I will volunteer and will give my 5sbd for this event ;)

OMG!!!! Thank you so much @christianyocte! I know I can count on you!

Gamay ra na compared sa grasya nga mga nadawat.

This is a very very good and wonderful project. We will support hantod sa amoang makaya. I am so thankful to you indayclara for planning this thing. We will pray nga maabot na natung sbd nga kinahanglan aron pod mahitabo ning project.

Salamat kaayo @ryancalaunan.. Cge lng! Everything will be fine! Basta baketball ka ha..

@indayclara d ko maayo anang basket hahahaha lain lang

Hi Lodi

You are an amazing young lady.

I don't know much about you Pero, Ikaw are Maganda Talaga both in body and soul

To come out with this initiative, or by cooperating with the organizers shows that you have the interest of others at heart.

Keep it up.

Keep being beautiful always.


Thank you so much! I am just sharing the blessings I have received to these children to help them be inspired!

We are sending a contribution of 150.00 to @indayclara to help you reach your funding goal for this worthy initiative.

@Jassennessaj as someone who helped us form the idea for YAH and as one of our first three Agents of HOPE along with @malos10 and @misterakpan, we are thrilled to see your spirit of giving continue to grow and stand behind you and your group as you proceed with your latest generous mission.

@indayclara, it is @YouAreHOPE's pleasure to make the acquaintance of such a giving and generous and organized mission operator here on STEEM. <3

Love you bro,

@youarehope Thank you so much for your generous donation! we are forever grateful! Rest assured, we will bring SMILES to the kids! Also, as agreed with @jassennessaj we will keep everyone who helped us updated with the financial statement and the culmination activity on June 02, 2018.

Thank you so much!

Beautiful project to feed and welcome children in situation of abandonment, abandonment or poverty without a doubt is an immensely rewarding task. Children are the future of the human race; In an abundant planet like the one where nations waste tons of food, it is inconceivable that there are children without adequate food and nutrition. Here in Venezuela we are going through a very devastating situation where entire families are in a high degree of malnutrition because of the audacity and wickedness of a government that only cares about their interests. I would like to collaborate and have you here in Venezuela. Can we replicate the AWESOME SMILE project here in Venezuela? Thank you

If you follow @pennsif
He have this A dollar a Day project and at the moment, there are 2 steemians he is helping in Venezuela.
A SMILE project there would be awesome.

Thank you for the mention of the A Dollar A Day project.

We have just given our first donation of 15 SBD to the Awesome SMILE project.

Thanks so much @pennsif.

thanks for the information

@dyanna... I have the same sentiments as you... As much as the government here wants to do more for the welfare of the people.. we could not rely on them always. if we are capable of doing something for the benefit of the children, even in small ways then we should. Thank you so much for your interest in our project. Yes you can replicate it there. :-)

Thank you, where we started. what should I do? I have an idea that I would like to tell you

Please message me on discord. 😁
My username is indayclara#7924

I sent you a friend request for discord

my user in discord is Dyanna23 # 5355

Really great job. I salute all the members of this charity,keep doing these kind of peacefull work.Glad to know about this charity.

Thank you @nahid05! it would help if you could share this to you friends as well!

Hi @indayclara,

Your initiative is so good. We are wishing for the success of your team's advocacy and lastly, thank you for showcasing the true spirit of Filipinos helping those fellowmen that are in need.

Thank you @onerace! I was just an instrument needed to have this kind of project happen. I am happy for this as well.

This is an awesome project!! i'm starting to follow you know so i can see to where it leads because i might be able to help a bit through @youarehope
You have my vote and my support!!

OMG!!! Thank you so much @malos10.. I am so honored! You won't be disappointed. The kids are just lovely!

wow ! God will always bless a people like you ate 😄😊😊😊😊

Hi @jickirti.. finally I found you here! Active baya ka sa chats.. Thank you so much!

Hello ate @indayclara ma overwhelmed man sad ko ana ate haha btw , thank you sa compliment 😊 pero makaproud kay ka ate jud i bless jud ka ni Lord ug maayo ! 😊😊😊

Pwede ibless pud niya ako lovelife??? haha

oh pwd kaayo ate . there's this famous quotes man tingay i think ka dungog naka ani hahah nga " Don't be sad if others have already found their lover because God had already prepared someone just FOR YOU ! so be ready 😊
mao ni te hahahaha

The Awesome SMILE Project @indayclara has been chosen to receive a donation of 15 SBD from the A Dollar A Day project - supported today by @pennsif, @aggroed, @cryptocurator, @gmuxx, @goldendawne, @mother2chicks, @nikolina, @redrica, & @steemcommunity witness.

Contact @pennsif if you would like to know more about A Dollar A Day.

Thank you so much by @pennsif, @aggroed, @cryptocurator, @gmuxx, @goldendawne, @mother2chicks, @nikolina, @redrica, & @steemcommunity.

Your help is greatly appreciated! This will surely brighten the lives of the kids!

Very excited for this! I sent 5 Steem and will make post about this as well. Thank you @indayclara for this initiative! I'm very positive about the outcome. We can do it!

Thank you @smaeunabs! Looking forward as well! Iready na imu teacher skills for the kids!

Yes ofc inday! Praktisan na nako ni daan akong pag umangkon nga bugoy hahahaha

Wow!! this is amazing. Thanks for putting smile on their faces. I am really touched

Thank you so much! Great to know you were able to read this. 😃

Sent my 5 SBD. I will also make a post for this.

@ybanezkim26 Thank you so much!!! 😇

This is amazing! 😍

@themanualbot Thank you. If naa raka cebu kuyog niya inig June 02!

Saw you resteem and I also resteemed... Thanks man!

@neo-wiza thank you so much! Your resteem is well appreciated!

Thank you for pouring so much efforts and heart on this project @indayclara. This is an amazing project and I'm looking forward for the transformation of lives of these kids :).

Sent a little help, upvoted, commented, resteemed and will surely make a post for this.

@jassennessaj Thank you so much as well for your overwhelming support! Cant wait for you guys to play basketball with my boys!

inday! ikaw na! love this... i wish to join.. pwede mag documentation? hehe

@junebride are you available on june 02? You can definitely come and do documentation..

yes! i will come ! will look forward for more details... para makaprepare..

indzaaaeeee I want to volunteer but its saturday man, I have work. Sige lang I'll try to ask your uncle if I can leave for the day. hehe

I know! Nindot jud muvolunteer ka kay lingaw!!! pero for the mean time.. Can you ask ang mga taga Arden especially katong naa donate used clothes, toys or books! And ill come on friday to pick it up! And pwede ta mag photo ops later!

Thank you for giving effort for this great project. Upvoted and Resteemed your post as a sign of my support.

@mindblast thank you for the support! Success comes from people helping hand in hand.

you are very correct, as a member of the cebu community, i will always be there to support especially if it's a community works. Great job @indayclara

Count me in to support your project @IndayClara. More power to you and your Team.

Your project should go beyond steem blockchain.

Best regards,

Thank you so much @yehey! Your support wojld touch the lives of the kids. 😍

i am so touched with this project. May God bless us more!
thank you
this is your friend

@sorenkierkegaard Thank you my friend!

Hi...will it be possible for u to contact @pennsif about ur project? Thank you.

I will! Thank you so much!

This is a great activity! God will bless you more because of your good heart..I would really love to volunteer but naa sad mi summer camp ani nga date..I hope naa pay next kay I'll tag my friends along..

There will definitely be a next time @orhem! Thank you so much! Looking forward na mkaattend naka sunod.

God bless you for sure.

This calls for @upfundme. I encourage you to try and hopefully you can get more help from it. I have not used it personally but I have been encouraging others to do so. Some have been asking for material things but programs like yours should be given more attention and importance.

Thank you so much for this advice! Will definitely look into that! Programs like this too will unite fellow Steemians who have big hearts! And you taking notice of this is an example.

I agree. There are charities out there and different programs that we can support.

Amazing kaayo ni na initiative! Thank you! GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER.

wow.. this is really a great idea of pursuing this project.. I really love to do this kind of activity.. I hope i could also participate in that project if i ever have free time on that day... :) It really helps a lot, and the heart melting feeling when you see those genuine smiles of people.. <3 Thanks @indayclara..

sure thing! You can message me anytime!

Awesome! Bless your brave but kind soul @indayclara.

I do not know if I can help, but I will do my best, even if it's just a little thought. Thank you best wishes all the best .....!

Inspiring action being taken, thank you for sharing!

This is really great I will add this to my charity post roundup!

Hi @scottcbusiness Thank you so much. I also submitted my project to the!

@indayclara count me in.

Levita Morados

  • volunteer

OMG! Thank you @iamqueenlevita! It would be nice to see you there!

would love to. see you @indayclara, tell me lang the details about it. :D excited and would be happy to help.

I read this post by @coldsteem and immediately remembered you. Read this post I think this is a great idea. Cebu is one of the top tourist destinations. Why not tie up with travel agencies and maybe include this in their travel packages, too?

Thank you for remembering this project @leeart! I have read the post. That is really a great example. I think that will be great! I will definitely work on how to keep the project going on a long-term basis. Will be posting an update on the progress of this project in a bit. :-)

I believe it is. Good luck with the project. Although with a determination like you have luck comes openly. Maybe you can also do this to other projects in the future.

It truly brraks my Heart to see those Children on the Streets. Definitely full upvote, and I hope we can get more Steemians to help out. This is critical for these kids

God bless in your hard-work in this wonderful project. It is such a joy seeing children happy. I used to have this kind of activity too before the pandemic came and looking forward to continue doing it in the future. This post is such an encourage. Wish you all well and continue to be kind and nice with each other 😍