Steem Powered POHI Project: Sharing Books, Snacks and School Uniform To School Children

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I believe that you don't need to posses gold, silver or an oil well before you can shine light into the world.

If a man truly desires to move the world, if must first move himself and the things around him.

When I first came across the one meal a day campaign by @damarth, it occurred to me just how much change we can make to this world with as little as 1sbd. In february, my friend @joshuaetim visited me in Northern Nigeria, and while we were together the POHI - Products Of Help Initiative - was born.

I took a particular interest in this project because I grew up where an extra biro or book could make all the difference to a child. I never really lack the basic necessities for schooling but I grew up where most kids could not afford enough books for their class subjects. My mum could buy school books and uniforms to a few kids and always taught me to help as much as I can because we can change the world one help at a time.

Last week I visited my hometown together with @joshuaetim who is the initiator of the project. He mentioned his plans to visit a school with some writing materials so I immediately express my interest to join him. But as they say, if your dreams are good enough, God will raise men in the world willing to share in your vision. So, before we could say jack, we already have a community of volunteers willing to join us.

So, on thursday 31st June we took to the road and headed to Government Primary school Ikot Ese, Akwa Ibom state with books, pens, pencils, snacks and above all words of wisdom.

I love kids and I have been teaching kids most of my life. When I saw the children, I knew I'll have to do what I love doing the most thought this was a different case as the kids are in villages where words like internet sounded like foreign languages to them. So, i did my best to imprint an image with the limitless possibilities of the internet/blockchain in their heart.

I asked a few kids what they want to do as adult and I received response such as doctor, nurse, mechanical engineer etc. I told them to have a dream where they will connect to millions around the world through the internet. Then we and the kids started saying;

I will change the world around me through the power of the internet and the blockchain.

They said it over and over and over till I am sure they believe in what they say. I know they might not understand the word internet or blockchain. But they now have a world of endless possibilities in their hearts.
@annieben talking to the kids.

Then came this lady @annieben, she reminded me of a friend @prettyjules158. This was our first time meeting each other and she taught me how to show real love to children. She spoke to them in their local dialect 'Ibibio' about love, sharing and giving. She doesn't mind playing in the sand with the kids if that will make them happy.

Then @joshuaetim donated books and school uniforms for kids with torn out uniforms or those wearing a different uniform that needed money for sewing of this uniforms.

I remember when we were discussing what to get for the kids and someone mentioned that no matter what we donate food and snacks must follow to complete the happiness. So, after the donation we opened the floodgates with snacks and juice even for the teachers. And you know what they say about the connection between a filled stomach and a happy heart.

Well, that was a better way for us to put just a little over 51sbd to use than if we had bought some beer and Ishewu for ourselves. I was really glad to be part of this movement.

Thanks to the following people

@ungest, the smiling man behind the camera.







Thank you to the founders of @Wafrica and @steemjet for the platform for me to do this.

let's change the world, one help at a time.



I remember when I first told you about the POHI project, you appreciated the idea immediately and then you gave me a ladder to climb with it. We were all raised from different backgrounds, and just like you've said, for some of us we were able to afford writing biros and books.

But actually, for some kids, writing materials and exercise books could be a luxury. And then coming to realize, that we still have kids in the rural communities who walk long distances bare-footed to schools, and some with torn uniforms or no uniforms, makes me feel so grateful and privileged to have worn school sandals and good wears to school.

Just like you've always told me, that "we cannot save the world at once" but we will keep on doing the little we can to see what we can do to help someone. Thank you @lordjames for the support, time and availability for POHI project. And thank you for the wonderful talk you gave to the kids. It can only get better.

I will let you know when I'm about to launch the next phase here in the West. My regards to Ishaaq.

I believe in you, and I know that we might not make a difference to the world but we are making a difference to those ones that we touch their lives. And that, gives me joy.

A wonderful initiative and a very great team effort.

Humanity is the greatest strength of mankind. Without this, we are all lost in abyss of chaos.

Thank you @lordjames, @joshuaetim and other members of the team that made this exciting effort to be successful.

I am deeply touched and I will be planning on carrying out some charitable events soonest.
I will be making some adjustments to the original plans for the Northern Nigerian Steem Promotion programme and include some donations to schools.

The world can become a better place, petit â petit (little by little).

God bless everyone!

You guys really did a wonderful job here. Saw this update on joshua's post and i was really wowed. How often do you guys do this?

As often as the need arises. He will host another in Ibadan soon. While I'm working on training a little kid over here.

The next phase will be launched in Ibadan, Western Nigeria @sistem, let me know if you'll be free at your spare time to volunteer and join us for the project. I guess, from Ogun to Ibadan is not too far, it will be nice hosting you

My o my! When I thought I had seen so much already, Steemit keeps surprising me and awakening a passion in my heart with her numerous charity projects. Kudos to the POHI visioneer @joshuaetim and for those who have taken turns to invest their time and resources. You've got a big heart @lordjames. More grace, more opportunities ahead and more Steem to your wallet.

Woow... Someone i know is here. Am really in the right track. I have same vision of showing live to this individuals. How do we get connected. To rub minds together

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Wow......i love what I'm seeing, may God bless you and your team immensely.

Would love to be part of this next time.

Thank you for your kind words @kemikay, we'll be glad to have you as one of our volunteers. Where is your location @kemikay?

Ebonyi state

Wow great work from lordjames helping the kid showing them love and care for them the grace of God will always locate you James

Etie se
Etie utom

Sosongo, obong odiong fi.

A little could go a long way truly..

This is great and I must say you guys should keep up the benevolent work..
Wishing I was there too..

God bless you and the team greatly for touching lives with a lasting effect like this.
Good things are not always expensive, imagine you guys touching so much lives with just 51sbd

If we can have more people like you guys, our world would be turned around.

I'm running an initiative as well under the #actsofkindness where I play my role in touching lives with steemit money.
This money cannot go round unless we share it, not all have access to internet like those children now, but if we can share it, it would surely get to everyone.

If you don't mind, I can share some of my achievements so far with you too.

This is awesome!!! We rise by lifting others and this is what you guys just did. God bless you all

it's really amazing @lordjames

"Steemjet Bangladesh" is a charity club of steemjet biggest family

Steemjet Bangladesh Member List

I have looked into it.

You guys are amazing and we are proud of you, their is love in sharing they said, more success to you guys and wafrica in general, thanks for sharing @lordjames

A beautiful and great job you guys did @lordjames. You guys touched the lives of those kids and made to understand that they are important to these generation and there's. I would really want to among, when you guys tend to visit. Even if am serving my country by next month. I wont hesitate to be a part of it.

Golden hearts are beautiful, from the fire of purity which encompasses love, kindness, and generosity. Beautiful article @lordjames

oh my God, I love it when it's charity, you guys are wonderful, I love this thing you are doing, it's really amazed me, I wish you more success on your projects African proud of you. Thanks for sharing @lordjames

Wow great, God bless you all

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

May God keep blessing you guys

My belief is that If we can have more people like you guys, our world would be turned around.

You are doing so great, this community need more people like you,

Thanks for sharing @lordjames

I call you new damarth.... Hehehehe

We don't need to wait till everyone else is with us. In our own little way, we should learn to stretch forth our hands and help others in time of their needs.

Great work pals.

We learning from you ma.

Wooh God bless you @lordjames for this project weldon

I love people who are devoted to welfare.
May God bless this awesome initiative that you have started piloting @lordjames.
God bless everyone who is supporting this project too, together we will use Steemit to change the world for better.

I pray so too .

Woooooooow this is beautiful, I believe steemit can change the world, if we have many people like you in this platform, nothing will stop us from changing the world to good.
More power to your elbow. Keep the flag flying. Thanks for sharing @lordjames

I'm really happy to see you are doing this job @lordjames, at least we have someone who is truly sincere with Steemjet :)

Thanks man. Together our little effort can move the world.

That's what my motive is :)

You people have done a great piece of work @lordjanes sir .....

Wooh i love it God will bless you as you do it

Regards @lordjames

Have you seen my dsound single entitled The African M'Ganga and the blogs i did a few hours ago?
I've tagged you & @wafrica

Let me know an e-mail adress thru which we can talk details bout my proposal for the campaigns

I think my Tribe's Music can serve some charoty causes in Ghana/Nigeria as i've mentioned in my blogs

Let me know what do you think and leave me an adress thru which i can contact you to provide more details, preferably e-mail


Have a Blessed Day

You guys have done a great job today thru this charity action

Peace & Blessings @lordjames @wafrica

You can reach to me on discord or telegram.

Cool @lordjames but i don't have discord activated ( if that's something here on steemit)

An e-mail adress? Thanks

You can reach me via other social media or thru my website as well, so we can talk in private. Thanks. Regards

What you do is a very noble job, this is where we get more happiness. That is the moment when we can give something big for them so they can rise. This can really change the world.
Thanks @lordjames

it was only wonderful being part of this project.

Incredible you friend.
This is a very noble deed in the eyes of Allah. And very great reward with Allah.
do not ever stop to help friends.
because there are still many out there who need our help.
I'm ready to be a community..

gorgeous man congrats hav a nice day

Ich liebe Menschen, die sich der Wohlfahrt verschrieben haben.
Möge Gott diese großartige Initiative segnen, die Sie begonnen haben, @lordjames zu steuern.
Gott segne jeden, der auch dieses Projekt unterstützt, zusammen werden wir Steemit verwenden, um die Welt zum Besseren zu verändern.

Wow this is an awesome project

Indeed you guys are doing an awesome job, more grace to carryout more outreach.