The Gasparino Incident

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The Gasparino Incident - For a long time, Charles Gasparino has been very vocal about his distaste for AMC Entertainment, and the so called "ape movement" behind the stock rally. He has belittled, annoyed, and appeared to do his very best to ruin the imagine of both AMC, and the "ape movement". Lately, it has become worse.

Charles Gasparino has upped his game, attacking AMC apes as much as possible, in an attempt to, what we believe, cause drama. This has worked, and the so called AMC ape movement has responded in force. However, instead of giving Charles the attention he likely wanted, it has blown up in his face, in the worst way possible. He is being attacked, by truth.

Charles Gasparino is a senior correspondent for FOX News, and married to Virginia Juliano. The latter now being put into the spotlight by the ape movement. As it turns out, Charles Gasparino has quite the clear motive to hate and belittle AMC Entertainment, as it turns out that his wife, Virginia Juliano, is the CEO of a company called CobbleCord specializes in finding the so called "perfect" streaming platform for your needs, and is a direct competition to AMC Entertainment.

However, it turns out that CobbleCord is quite .. bad. Even before apes learned of this, the app had tons of 1 star reviews, and unhappy customers.

The app was quoted to be "Not user friendly", "Buggy, and nothing works", "Worst streaming i've ever experienced." and "Horrible" by users. Turns out, Charles wife, is having trouble with her platform.

This could be a clear conflict of interest by Charles, as his wife runs a streaming business, and Charles is actively attacking AMC Entertainment. While we agree that the conflict of interest is minimal, it is quite clear that Charles has SOME motive behind his attacks towards AMC Entertainment.

Many speculate that Charles is in league with Hedgefunds such as Citadel, in order to bring AMC and other so called "meme stocks" down in price, so that retail will sell and Hedgefunds can cash in on their short-positions.

But the most shocking discovery is actually not recent. Quite far from it, they are dated far back, as long as 2014. *
In the video below, you can see Charles joking about a very sensitive topic: Suicide.

Post after post after post, he jokes about suicide. The same joke, repeated many times over. If you try to search for these tweets now, you will not find them. Charles has deleted them all. Every single one. Why? We're guessing that he knew, that he understood how bad it made him look.

It has become a fact. Charles Gasparino finds suicide as a "funny subject". He enjoys joking about it, and think it's okay to do. This poses a problem for FOX News, and to those that continue to associate with him. Do they continue to work with him, despite all of his past and current flaws, or do they fire him, pleasing the cries of the masses, demanding justice. In our personal opinion, there is only one option left: Fire Gasparino, thus, the hashtag, #FireGasparino, is very valid, and should be acknowledged.

But wait, there's more!

So, apart from suicide jokes and conflicts of interest, what's left?

A lot. There is a lot of things going on behind the scenes, and one ape, by the username of acuntex on reddit, figured out, mapped, and created a perfect little image of how bad, and how far this corruption spreads. Have a look below.

Gasparino Incident

As you can see on the image, shown above, Charles has quite a lot to answer for. He has actively colluded with a known ANTI-AMC hedgefund CEO, Jim Chanos on at least one occasion. This being the so called fake "empty theaters" tweet by WallStCynic, an alias used by Jim Chanos on twitter. In short, Jim Chanos loses a lot of money if AMC performs well, which it currently is.

This then goes to show that Charles Gasparino is or at least WAS actively participating in stockmarket manipulation as seen above. He colluded with Jim S. Chanos to present a false imagery of an empty AMC theater, supposedly taken moments before "Free Guy" the movie was airing.

So far we have uncovered that Charles is guilty of stock market manipulation, aswell as his quite disgusting past time of suicide jokes online to various twitter users. But what else is there? Well, in a quite extraordinary event, multiple twitter users managed to get on Charles' nerves and drove him to what can only be called as a internet tantrum.

This is how a FOX correspondent acts online, on twitter. Here are a few examples, of a literal man-baby, acting out as if he were a spoiled brat looking for attention. We were quite flabbergasted.

And of course, as the story unfolded, people all around the globe started making memes, which in turn likely annoyed Charlie even more. Honorary mention to this golden piece we all had a laugh over.

Thank you for reading the article. We will be back with more as the story expands.

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