Triggered: Soy Boy Charles Gasparino threatens Kat Stryker with lawyer. Everyone laughs.

Possibly one of the funniest episodes in the memestock saga of 2021 has come right at the end of the year, as butt-hurt Gasparino threatens Kat Stryker, the ape-queen who has a habit of trolling Ken Griffin, with a lawyer, and, as typically happens in times like this, managed to simply propel the Streisand effect into full force.

You know those people who get all angry and start balling their fists and getting red in the face someone happens to say something they don't like ? Yep, that's basically what Charlie did, he threw a tantrum, like a spoilt toddler.

Gasparino threatens Kat Stryker

So, it went down a little like this.

For the whole of this year, Soy Boy Charles Gasparino has used his not insignificant platform to basically say that retail investors who are in GME and AMC are basically idiots and we deserve to get wiped out. Tweets like this one in fact:

But this week, Kat Stryker pointed out that his wife owns a company called CobbleCord, and asked if this strangely named company may well have a vested interest in movie theatre companies going out of business (or at least becoming less popular). To which the butt-hurt Gasparino simply replied "My lawyer will be in touch".

Oooh, sounds like a threat to us. And right on cue, apes started taking the piss. Because, let's face it, Kat Stryker didn't defame anyone. She simply mentioned publicly available information and asked a question "is this a conflict of interest".

Is there actually a conflict of interest?

Now, we always hate to break the narrative, but to be honest, our opinion here is that it isn't a conflict of interest, because CobbleCord, which has been going for 3 years is pretty much a lame hobby company set up by his missus, Virginia Juliano, and which probably doesn't make enough in a year to cover a weeks worth of coke for some on Wall Street.

According to, CobbleCord gets a piffling 1000 visitors per day, and makes about $18 in daily ad revenue, and has a valuation of under $35,000.

So basically, it's worth absolutely sweet fuck all, and Kat pointing out what she perceives to be a conflict of interest is hardly going to tank a global corporation threatening millions of people's livelihoods. In fact, we reckon it's probably on there so she can go to her coffee mornings with the other media WAGs and say she's got a profitable business of her own.

Has he got a leg to stand on?

Nope. Kat didn't defame or slander anyone. She has a right to ask questions, and even draw her own conclusions from publicly available material. And she isn't a financial pundit in the mainstream media, she's a bartender from California who has gained notoriety by trolling Ken Griffin.

Charles Gasparino threatens Kat Stryker, and everyone basically laughs at him. Just go and check out the replies to his tweet. This, we might add from the same man who has himself publicly defended saying whatever the hell he likes under the protection of the first amendment of the US Constitution, and is quite right. The main difference is that he is known as a (cough) journalist, whereas Kat Stryker is known for being the Ape Queen who everyone wants to marry.

With that in mind, we would like to declare Charles Gasparino as the biggest fucking soy boy crybaby wuss of the year. Congratulations Mr Gasparino. Now, right step this way, and let's go meet some disabled people....

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