Computer-Generated Chess Problem 02880

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Here is a new 'KRRBN vs kr' #4 chess problem generated autonomously by a computer program, Chesthetica, using the Digital Synaptic Neural Substrate (DSNS) computational creativity approach. The DSNS does not use endgame tablebases, neural networks or any kind of machine learning found in traditional artificial intelligence (AI). It also has nothing to do with deep learning. You can learn more about the DSNS here.


1N6/3KR3/5k2/6R1/B7/8/8/2r5 w - - 0 1
White to Play and Mate in 4
Chesthetica v11.64 (Selangor, Malaysia)
Generated on 1 Apr 2020 at 10:02:12 PM
Solvability Estimate = Difficult

If you notice an earlier version of Chesthetica listed with a newer problem, that simply means an earlier version may have been running on a different computer or OS user account. White has a decisive material advantage in this position but the winning sequence may not be immediately clear. Do share and try out some of the others too. Take some time to study the analysis and you might appreciate the puzzle a little more.

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