Chess problem 73 / Schachaufgabe 73

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Hello chess fans, are you in the mood for solving some tactics? Then this is the right place for you to be!

In a somewhat chaotic lightning game, the position shown in the diagram below emerged, in which I didn't miss the opportunity to secure a clear advantage for white.
See how? Then show me your variants (a single move is not enough)!

Have fun! :)


Hallo Schachfans, steht euch der Sinn nach Taktik? Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig!

Nach etwas chaotischem Blitzspiel entstand die im Diagramm abgebildete Stellung, in der ich mir mit Weiß die Gelegenheit nicht entgehen ließ, mir klaren Vorteil zu sichern.
Seht ihr, wie? Dann zeigt mir eure Varianten (ein einzelner Zug ist nicht genug)!

Viel Spaß! :)

FEN: r1b2k1r/3p2p1/3PppQ1/ppq2n2/5N2/R1P5/5PPP/2BR2K1 w - b6 0 23

White to move:
Weiß am Zug:


Puhhh ich schaue mir das nun seit ein paar Minuten an, aber einen klaren Vorteil könnte ich mir hier wohl nicht verschaffen. Meine bisher einzige Idee wäre f4 nach e6.
Darauf reagiert schwarz mit d7 nach e6. Dann würde ich mit weiss d6 auf d7 ziehen.....

Nun, immerhin bist du der Erste mit Idee. :) Hast du auch eine, wie es nach

1. Sxe6+ dxe6
2. d7 Lxd7
weitergehen könnte? :)

You solved it in few rounds! That's pretty amazing! Congratz for the winner of the round and I think it's better reward him/her with your Scot Token!


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Hi @jaki01, thank you for stopping by at my post :) much appreciated!
I was curious what you are writing on Steemit, so I decided to stop by your profile, finding this post. Now first of all, let me explain, I know nothing about chess.. And my question probably sounds super weird, forgive me for that lol..

Did you hear of Satoshi's Treasure? And the @steemclan hunting for Satoshi's Treasure? We have been puzzling to get keys unlocked and for some reason (lol) we bump on clues referring to checkerboards. That's actually the reason (probably totally stupid) that I wanted to ask you if you know anything about "Straddling Checkerboard Cipher" methods?? It's a long shot maybe to ask someone that happens to have a post about chess, but hey, we are so stuck that I'm willing to sell my soul to find someone to solve it (nah, just kidding!)..

If you are curious, and even better, if you want to join the hunt, here's a link to our discord, I will verify you immediately once you arrive there! Click here

Hope to see you there :)


I wanted to ask you if you know anything about "Straddling Checkerboard Cipher" methods?

Unfortunately, I never heared anything about that. :)
However, maybe once if I have time I will check your link.

Lol, I realized it was probably a long shot, but I had to try :) who knows you might have answered oh yeah sure I know everything about that :) You're more than welcome to join and check out what the hunt is about! If I see you come in, I will make sure you get verified so you have access to the server (people only see the waiting room when they come in)

Have a good day!

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That's the main idea and thus I declare you as winner of this round! :)

What would you play after:

1. Nxe6+ dxe6
2. d7 Bxd7
3. Rxd7 Ne7
4. Rxa5 Rc8 ?

By the way the computer program Stockfish just showed me a really tricky defense in one variation which limits the white advantage (which still exists, however). So in case you are interested just wait for my later solution comment.

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Yes, this is a clear advantage for white.

At one point in this whole variation black has a better defence so that in the end he only loses one pawn. Maybe you like trying to find that, but if not, I will show you later. :)

@@ -189,16 +189,17 @@
t if not

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It is a variant that starts after 4. Rxa5.

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