Chibera's Commitment To Steem!

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Chibera hereby announces our full commitment to Steem

With the rising fears of projects just using the Steem chain as a stepping stone. We promise to stick with Steem and its community for the foreseeable future. As long as the system stands to be prosperous.

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Chibera plan is to bring value to the Steem system so if it comes down to it yes were fine with signing commitment agreements with large stake investments and delegation. As long as they have a sinking ship clause. Allowing us to bring in outside support or use alternative chains, side chains or software to pair with steem to keep the system going.

Our business model relies on an e-commerce system via auction house fee's, merchandise sales, cash shop sales, not draining the reward pool. We will also be making the commitment of Steem account creation for the foreseeable future as well.

Our Technology And Needs:

Our SMT tokens, auction market, log in and item storage will use Steem blockchain features for the foreseeable future. But to Clarify if Steem, shows itself to be dying or begins to show a lack of support or development commitment our company will have to look for alternative sources to help or host our game.

As for the definition of dying:
  • If we start lacking on development
  • If we see any consistent issues of forking correctly
  • If we have lack of advancements in the technology
  • If we have possible long-term security issues
  • If we can't retain trustworthy and competent witnesses
  • If we have a Lack of node support, not allowing people to send transactions.
  • If we have so little trading volume we are delisted from large exchanges.
  • Or any other clauses that might be put in said contract anyone decides to make with us.

This is not because we don't believe in Steem, but because we're a company and have to look after our investment of time and assets. Longevity of the project is the top priority, the second is to help bring new markets to Steem hopefully increasing the assets worth over time.


Leaving Steem or bringing in other chain support to the game doesn't mean we're trying to betray the chain. It just means we need to expand our system to keep the doors open. These would be the last resort options to keep the project afloat. We don't foresee having any issues with the Steem blockchain but to be clear we will have plan a plan b and c.

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Cool project! Is the game inspired by Entropia Universe by any chance? I don't know how far you are in development, but if you could grab some inspiration from EU, and make it possible for players to actually earn "real" money, I believe could become a mega success. If you can find a method to utilize the reward pool.

This post should explain a bit:

The main goal is not to use the reward pool, there would be an auction house that people could buy and sell items for a cryptocurrency. So technically yes this would allow them to earn money or living off the game.

Also were just before alpha release

Ha! I wondered if anyone else would think 'Entropia'.

I used to play some years ago - still got a load of gear there. I really ought to go sell it all and use the $$$ to buy steem...

Were you / are you an Entropian?

I like your honesty here and totally understand your concerns. Steem will go up so I don't worry :)

Good luck with your project!

Happy new year!

Why blame the chain, when its not the chains problem? Ill support the game tho if it still run by the steem blockchain.

Oh, it's not about blaming the chain, its if these issues happen we will need to make sure the game stays running no matter what. Were not expecting issues but just in case its best to have plans.

i dont think it is the end of steem, in 2 years we know :)

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lovely informatins friend

Merry Christmas @chibera

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