China news roundup / Nachrichten 2021-06-15

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UN rights experts claim Chinese minorities targeted in organ harvesting

"The 12 independent experts, who are mandated by the United Nations, but do not speak on its behalf, said in a statement they were “extremely alarmed” by the allegations"

--- Typical carefully worded statement by UN-associated experts, but of course not careful enough for China, which had another minor tantrum.

"Forced organ harvesting in China appears to be targeting specific ethnic, linguistic, or religious minorities held in detention, often without being explained the reasons for arrest or given arrest warrants, at different locations"

--- Accusations which are not new, started at least with the suppression of Falun Gong. But recent statistics on organ transplants in China support this. There are many more organs transplanted than donated. So many, actually, that China has become a hub for organ transplant tourism.

"The experts had “ignored the authoritative information provided by the Chinese government and chose to take the disinformation provided by anti-China separatist forces and the evil cult ‘Falun Gong,'”"

--- Accept the authority of emperor Xi! Whatever he says is the word of god & therefore the ultimate truth. Whoever criticises him, must be evil.

"“China is a country under the rule of law,” said Liu, in his response.
“The trading of human organs and illegal organ transplantation are strictly prohibited by law,”"

--- Strictly prohibited. All those organs transplanted appear miraculously out of thin air, summoned by emperor Xi.

"He called on the UN experts to “immediately correct their mistakes, discard bias against China, stop blatant slandering of China… and act in an impartial and objective manner.”"

--- Translation: Shut up & do as we say!


Uyghur Billionaire Jailed For 20 Years Over Charitable Donations

"jailed for 20 years for “supporting terrorists” for donations he gave to the wives and children of Uyghur prisoners"

--- We can't have that. Only Han-Chinese & CCP-related organisations are allowed to provide assistance to people. Everything else is undermining the state.

"Iminjan’s sister, Nurgul Rahmitulla, and his daughter also were detained with him"

--- Justice with Chinese characteristics. Family of an arrestee & not quick enough to denounce him? Also guilty!

"Iminjan confessed to a number of “crimes” in exchange for his daughter’s release"

--- Well, as it goes if you have an agreement with the CCP, it gets broken. The daughter stays in jail, anyway.


Beijing wants more children, but only a certain kind

"“We found in some impoverished areas in the west that people are still obsessed with having more children,” Yuan Xin, vice president of the government-affiliated China Population Association, told the state newspaper China Daily. “So a more relaxed family-planning policy may mean more children for them and make it more difficult for them to escape poverty.”"

--- All in the name of alleviating poverty of course.

"there is a specific kind of children the Communist Party welcomes: those born to mothers who are young, educated, Han and married to a man. The eugenic undertone is alarming"

--- Yes, we have to save these poor barbarians from themselves. We rather have no barbarians at all than poor barbarians.


Czech Senate declares China perpetrating Genocide on Uyghurs ahead of key vote in Belgian Parliament

"The Czech Senate has voted unanimously on a motion labelling the Chinese government’s treatment of Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minorities as amounting to Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity."

--- Ouch. That hurt the feelings of all Chinese people. But since this is not binding for the Czech government, which probably won't support it, we will only see a very minor CCP tantrum (if any at all).

"The motion also called for the Czech Government to stage a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics"

--- Will they?


Ownership and control of Chinese media

"with recent changes, CGTN and CCTV are by definition Party-media, not State-media, despite the latter term most often being used“
[...] The Central Propaganda Department[3] [an organ of the CCP] has unified supervision over news and publishing work.”"

--- If some morons tell you that CCTV & CGTN are not propaganda, now you know where you can refer them to. Both are officially propaganda tools.

" Persist in arming the mind with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly study, publicize, and implement the Party's path and directives… (paragraph 1.1)
With economic construction as the center, obey and serve the overall picture of the Party (paragraph 2.1)
… obey the Party discipline on news work… (paragraph 6)
Vividly elucidate the Chinese path, Chinese theory, Chinese system, and Chinese culture; emphasizing doing a good job of telling China's story, the CCP's story, the story of socialism with Chinese characteristics… (paragraph 7.2)"

--- Journalism with Chinese characteristics.


Analysis: China could boost yields and cut emissions by switching from maize to soy

"if their recommendations were implemented, China would be able to boost its production of soy to 45% of demand—a significant increase. They also found that switching so much maize production to soy production would reduce emissions"

--- Let them eat soy!
Stuff like this can get very interesting (& potentially devastating) if a dictator like Xi gets some ideas from hearing it.


German Industry Group Criticises China Over New Sanctions Law

""Instead of relying on a de-escalation, the Chinese government is creating new uncertainties. This is damaging China's reputation as an investment location and trading partner," BDI board member Wolfgang Niedermark said.
The law was very different from similar laws in the EU as it undermined legal clarity and created a grey area which hung over any company doing business in China"

--- China is full of grey areas. Really not that new for companies operating in China. & surely not enough to stop investing there. All that wonderful Chinese money is just too tempting.


China is kicking out more than half the world’s bitcoin miners – and a whole lot of them could be headed to Texas

"One of bitcoin’s greatest features is that it is totally location agnostic. Miners only require an internet connection“"

--- Only that some countries have certain problems in that regard (& usually the same ones which have problems with a steady energy supply).

"“Texas not only has the cheapest electricity in the U.S. but some of the cheapest in the globe,” he said. “It’s also very easy to start up a mining company...if you have $30 million, $40 million, you can be a premier miner in the United States.”"

--- Oh, so little money, that's great. Now, where did I leave my petty cash?



China’s Inconvenient Truth

Taiwan reports largest daily incursion yet by Chinese air force



--- Telegraph: "Inside Xinjiang: What it's really like to report on China's treatment of the Uyghurs"

--- also:

--- "Inside Xinjiang 2.0 - China’s programme to create a more docile region"


--- ABC News: China's media censorship, millennial home owners - and Uyghur peoples | China Tonight

--- Teacup Media: The China History Podcast | Ep. 276 | Sanxingdui and Ancient Shu



UN-Experten sehen Hinweise auf Organraub an Häftlingen

"Die erzwungene Organentnahme in China scheint auf Angehörige bestimmter ethnischer, sprachlicher oder religiöser Minderheiten abzuzielen, die an verschiedenen Orten inhaftiert sind, oft ohne dass ihnen die Gründe für die Verhaftung erläutert werden oder Haftbefehle vorliegen"

--- Was natürlich völlig illegal in China ist, & dementsprechend nie & nimmer passieren kann. Die Tatsache, daß es in China wesentlich mehr transplantierte als gespendete Organe gibt, liegt einzig & allein an den magischen Fähigkeiten des gnadenvollen Halbgottes Kaiser Xi.

"ein Sprecher der chinesischen Vertretung in Genf. Die UN-Experten seien auf die "Desinformation antichinesischer separatistischer Kräfte" und der Falun-Gong-Bewegung hereingefallen"

--- Da fehlt ein wichtiges Wort: "der bösartigen Falun-Gong-Bewegung". Das sind ausgewiesene Gegner der KPCh, & damit natürlich das Böse an sich.


China schickt 28 Kampfjets nach Taiwan

"Es ist die größte Anzahl an Jets, die China bisher zu der Insel schickte"

--- Fast, als wolle man feststellen, ab wann die taiwanesischen Systeme überlastet werden. Wie gut, daß China so wahnsinnig friedliebend & friedlich ist, sonst müßte man sich womöglich Sorgen machen, daß man einen Angriff vorbereitet.


Ambitionen - im Meer, in Afrika, im All

"Chinas Rüstungsausgaben sind nach den USA die zweithöchsten der Welt. Aber im Vergleich geben die USA immer noch etwa dreimal so viel für ihr Militär aus wie China"

--- Nicht wirklich. Wenn man die Kaufkraft berücksichtigt, ist man wohl eher gleichauf.

"Das ambitionierte Raumfahrtprogramm der Volksrepublik ist dem Militär unterstellt. Das Weltall sei, heißt es bei der Volksbefreiungsarmee, "eine kritische Domäne im internationalen strategischen Wettbewerb"."

--- Natürlich rein friedlich gemeint. Die chinesische Volksarmee ist schließlich nicht viel mehr als eine weitere Heilsarmee.


Kooperation auf Augenhöhe?

"Im Hinblick auf Zensur und Selbstzensur dürfen wir selbst niemals kritische Themen ausblenden und tabuisieren. Was in China passiert, ist sehr bedauerlich. Deshalb sollten wir im Zuge der Internationalisierung von Forschung Kontakte und Kräfte in der chinesischen Wissenschaft fördern, die für einen offenen Umgang mit allen Themen stehen. Und hinsichtlich des Zugangs zu Forschungsergebnissen und -daten sollten wir Abkommen mit China schließen, in denen diese Dinge klar geregelt sind."

--- Wieder so ein Naivling, der glaubt, man könne mit China abkommen schließen, an die sich die KPCh dann auch gebunden fühlt.

"Glauben Sie wirklich, dass man die Chinesen dazu bringen kann?
Durchaus. China ist ja nicht auf dem Weg in die Autarkie."

--- Kaiser Xi hat da eine etwas andere Auffassung.

"In Deutschland sind die Konfuzius-Institute so angelegt, dass sie nicht von China aus betrieben werden. Es handelt sich um Kooperationen: Das Geld kommt zwar aus China, aber die Projekte an den Universitäten werden – zumindest an den mir bekannten Standorten – immer von deutscher Seite entschieden und durchgeführt. Damit ist eine Instrumentalisierung der Inhalte eigentlich ausgeschlossen"

--- Eigentlich. Tatsächlich aber nicht. Dafür sorgen Selbstzensur & die Gier nach chinesischem Geld.