Lease your EOS with chintai

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Lease your EOS

by @controllinghand

Well the time has finally arrived.
Earn interest on your unused EOS.


I will walk you through the steps

Step 1

Login to the site with your scatter login

Step 2

Select how long you want to lease your EOS. In this case I selected 7 days

Step 3

Look at the order book to figure out at what rate you want to lease your token. As you can see right now the going rate is 0.01% but this should change over time

Step 4

Place your order. In this case I placed an order for leasing 100 EOS at 0.01%

Step 5

Validate your contract. In this case I will receive 0.01 EOS.

Shout out to

Chintai is made available to the EOS network for free thanks to community sponsors

Special Shout out to David who educated me on this awesome platform. Member of EOS42

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