Verse of the Day 1 Peter 3

Good Day Steem! I just want to share my verse of the day

1 Peter 3

Verse: “You are better off to obey God and suffer for doing right than to suffer for doing wrong.”
‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭3:17‬ ‭CEVDC‬‬

Message: Not all sufferings are the same. For example you may suffering from persecution or ridicule, but others may be suffering with loss of job, broken family, etc. For there are two kinds of suffering:

  1. Suffering for God
  2. Suffering because of Sin
    So we need to check our lives. Are we suffering for God or are we suffering because we were against God because of our sins. If we are suffering for God, it brings blessings only. For God will not let us become humiliated if we are doing His will. But if we are suffering because of sin, it will only bring shame and humiliation.

Application: I will no longer allow myself to suffer for sin but I will only suffer for God. I will turn away from sin and turn to God. I want to suffer and become blessed than rather suffer and become humiliated.

Thank you for reading my post and God bless us all :)