Five loaves and Two Fish Feeding Program

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I am very thankful to the Lord for the success of our feeding program held this afternoon at one of our outreach area. Jesus indeed came to set the captives free and to declare the year of God's favor.


Our Five loaves and Two Fish Feeding Program is truly used by God to open up house visitation and Bible studies in this remote areas. Also our DVBS will take its course next week to cater the need to teach the children about Jesus. Kindly covet us your prayers as we want to reach the poorest of the poor in our countryside community.






Praise God as well and very thankful to all my christian-trail friends for supporting and voting my content here. Part of my earnings goes in our Mission program. Finally let me just encourage you to let us selflessly serve Jesus in any capacity we have. God bless us all!


God Bless You sir.

Your the instruments from heaven to many people great job