Adum an E (Who Fawt is It?)

in #christian4 years ago

Ite wut wuz I tawkin bout yestaday? Oh yea. Adam and E. So what I fine interestin about the whole situation is that. Ight we gotta start from da beginnin so it aw make sense. So Gahd created Man FIRS then he made da woman by usin the man ribs. So that mean gahd is a man cuz why would gahd make a man firs if she was a woman. She woulda made a woman firs. So dats dat. So we know gahd is man. Den, gahd put them in the garden of Eden and said you can eat wateva you want but dont eat from da tree uh knowledge because you will surely die. But she let satan who was posin as a snake lie to her and say dat dey wouldnt die and she ate it. DEN, she GAVE dat shit to Adam and he ate it. So who fault is it that man is in a terrble state?? Eve!

But you know wut. It’s crazy cuz after she ate it and god confronted her about it he said dat because she ate it, men and women gonna fight for eternity over everything. And das what I’m doin right now. LOLOLOL!



well if you stop blaming woman for anything going wrong in your life, perhaps you don't have to fight for eternity anymore. the blaming game cycle won't stop if eve said, it's god fault because he created satan to tricked me. then on and on....blaming game is an easy way to escape our responsibility to the choice we made in life. anyway, your point is funny.haha

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