Daily Prayer Series: Tune out to tune in...

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When is it that God speaks most clearly... in our strength or in our weakness? What if moments of fatigue, of "zoning out" are precisely the gifts we need to at last find our rest in Him?

Sometimes I just tune out God. Sometimes I just let the sights and sounds wash over me a bubbling, babbling of color and sound. There are some days it’s because I’m focused on something deep, inside.. something elusive that requires my absolute, resolute, determined focus to see... it is elusive and can easily hide in the swirls of life... and so I look deep down and breath by breath attempt to tune out the distractions of the rhythms of life.

Other times God I think I tune out because I’m just tired. There is no more room for even one more ruddy thing. What’s funny God is sometimes these go a bit hand in hand. Is the fatigue the way you are breaking in to my mule headed self to say something I really need to hear? I ask because what I find in those days when I begin to tune out... is You.

You meet me in those moments when I tune out, or is it finally tune in? Seems it depend upon the lens I have in front of my eyes. So what do I say... thank you for the fatigue? for the overload? For the weakness... yes I suppose that is exactly it... Thank You for the weakness... it turns out in my weakness, you are in fact my insight and strength... so today God. I say to you, thank you for my weakness. In my weakness, in my fatigue, when I tune out... I find you there and that is my enough... your grace and presence is likely what I was in search of all along. It’s certainly what I need.

In my inmost self, may I find my rest in you... my Comfort, my Lord, my Peace. All praise to You for being present and meeting me as I tune out so that I may tune in.



God's peace to you in your day. Any help with getting this circulating with a reSteem is much appreciated. The AudioPrayer version of this on DSound is here

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he that is in you is bigger than that in the world...remain blest brother