Merry Christmas Christians

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Do you believe in God?. Do you believe in Truth. So do I, but I don’t believe in God. You want to give Truth a name, and you have. God!

Fair enough. Who am I to question what you call the Truth? No one. Just like you.

God is love! Is he not?

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God’s gender doesn’t matter. No, really It doesn’t matter. The point is, I think we can both agree that God is Love.

I agree with your definition of the Truth. If you choose to call it God then that’s fine with me. I can go with that.

I guess you also think that God is Truth? I agree Truth is as a God.

As I understand it from some good people I know, God has a lesson to teach us and a path to show us. I agree, there is a creator and there is a path. Truth is the creator and the path is Love. God is Love, God is Truth, Truth is Love. It’s not rocket science.

Perhaps there are some zealots and proselytisers who will consider what I have just said to be blasphemy. Please don’t point to your books and your stories and insist your God demands that I believe them. God is Truth. Is he not?

If you show me that you live by the virtues you espouse, then I will listen to your words. I reserve judgment of nothing but my own mind, because I am rational and your God gave me free will. That is the Truth.

Before you automatically assume the moral high ground, get it through your self righteous head that I and millions of others who don’t believe in deities, aspire to live in love. Love gives life purpose for us too. Everyday I hope everyone knows Love In every moment they have the chance.

I don’t hate and I don’t envy. I don’t treat anyone with disrespect and I don’t back down from a righteous fight. What more do you want? What does your God expect?

I know what some people who claim to Love God expect. I’ve heard it. Many, many times.

You actually believe your God, who is Love and the Truth, the one way and the light, will deny us our eternal blessing because we just don’t show him the proper respect.


Fair enough. It’s up to you. If you really think that is how the universe and existence operates. Like it’s some sort of carefully constructed morality play, where we are rewarded for being good. That’s fine.

Pray away.

The universe is order. It must be order or it wouldn’t exist. It might be chaotic around the edges, but essentially it is balanced.

Forces oppose each other equally. That is the Truth. God is Truth. God is Love. Truth is Love. Truth is God.

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. The Truth that determines the music of the spheres, the collision of atoms, the ebbing tide and the flow of time, spontaneously seeks order.

We have no say in this. It is the unalterable Truth. It is Natural Law. God’s Law if you like. Call it whatever you wish. The Truth that is creation isn’t dependent upon our concept of it. It exists regardless of our ideology, scepticism or faith.

We are created by the Truth. Natural Law dictates out existence and we are born knowing the Truth. Our sense of Natural Law is innate. We know when our actions are in order with Natural Law and when they are not. We know when our actions are right and when they are wrong.

Later we might come to think of Natural Law as God’s will. That is a fine name to give it. We might change other words and call “right” good and “wrong” evil. These words mean the same thing.

All that is right is in order with Natural Law and all that is wrong is not. All that is good is in order with God’s Law and all that is evil is not.

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If you want to serve your God you must always strive do good. If I want to live in order with Natural Law I must always strive to do right. They are the same thing.

Those who commit acts of evil defy God’s Law. Those who do wrong are in opposition to Natural Law. In both cases there will be consequences. They are the same thing.

We are the same you and I. We were both created by the Truth, we share the same moment in creation, we both know what we must do to live in harmony with the Truth and we both know our actions have ramifications, determined by the Truth.

God is Truth. Truth is God.

The only difference between you and I is that you believe you can appeal to the Truth and seek Truth’s forgiveness. You give Truth morality and I do not.

Merry Christmas to all Christians.

Have a wonderful day.