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Today, I'd like to discuss a film called "Coma," a Russian sci-fi film that was released in 2019. If you like science fiction, thrillers, and, of course, some incredible action scenes, this is the film for you. This is the first time I've seen a Russian film. We all understand what Coma is, but in this film, it is depicted in an advanced way that is unprecedented in reality. This is a whole different experience for me because I went backward a lot of times while watching the movie to figure out what was going on. This film contains gravity, force, a multilingual conflict, and the multiverse, making it a complete package of what it takes to be classified as science fiction. So, do not waste more time; let's get into it.

Coma-Russian Movie
Releasing Date: 2019
Personal Rating: 6.3/10
IMDb Rating: 7/10
Director: Nikita Argunov
Writer: Nikita Argunov, Aleksey Gravitskiy & Timofei Dekin
Stars: Rinal Mukhametov(Viktor / The Architect), Lyubov Aksyonova(Fly), Anton Pampushnyy(Phantom), Milos Bikovic(Astronomer),Konstantin Lavronenko(Yan), Vilen Babichev(Tank)...

The film begins with a character whose name is unspecified at the start. This film is unlike any other since most of the characters are from another world and have no true identity. The main character in the film was an architect who awoke unexpectedly in his room, where he was working on his dream project, but when he looked around and found things unusual! He noticed that each item in his room, including his ceiling, was missing something, just like glitches. When he came out of the building, he saw a man waiting for the elevator, but half of his face was missing. He got out of that house and went outside, where he saw Bruss Khalifa, but he was in Russia; he wondered how this was even possible?

When he tried to find out what was going on, something emerged out of his back and tried to kill him. Luckily, three strangers emerged and rescued him from the creature. Phantom, the man in charge of the rescue mission, was fighting with the chasing creature. The architect noticed that they were going from one location to another; also, gravity & everything was different. Phantom was injured and infected by that strange creature. They eventually defeated the creature, but they lost one of their team members as he sacrificed himself to save everyone.

When they arrived at a secure place, the architect asked the lady where he was. The lady's name was Fly, and Fly told the architect that he was in a coma and that everything was happening in his head. Also told that he had an accident & that's how he came here. Finally, they arrived at their destination, where he met many people and their master, Yang. Actually, here all of them have extraordinary abilities that they use to rescue themselves. Finally, we get the name of the architect: Viktor. Viktor also attempted to discover his superpower but was unsuccessful.

The leader did not want Viktor for the mission because he was not prepared, but Viktor decided to go and asked the leader to join them. The leader Yang allowed him to join the others, and when they arrived at their destination, they saw a security force patrolling the area. They fought with them, which was amazing to watch because all of the fights were multilingual & won the battle. Then, as they were about to steal the torpedo, one of the girls called Spirit sensed that certain monsters were on their tail. The Phantom, who was in command of the mission, realizing the situation; he flew from there, but at the same time, others were trying to steal the torpedo. The creatures were very close, and at that time, the architect did something that spared the lives of others.

Actually, those creatures are human as well, and they were known as reapers. When all of the cells in a person's brain die, they become creatures and attempt to kill other people. And this is a simulation that Yang built in real life, and he wanted an architect to design a safe house for them, and that's why he brought Viktor here. Fly, the girl with whom he was always conversing, was his love. And they're all in a secret lab run by Yang. When Viktor discovered Yang's scheme, Yang coerced him to build the safe house, and Viktor did build the safe house. Phantom was well aware of all of this, and that is why he hated Yang. Phantom had been injured and infected, so that is why he was eventually turning into one of those creatures.

Phantom arrived at the safe house when he saw Yang attempting to kill Viktor and his girlfriend Fly. Phantom killed Yang but let go of both Viktor and his girlfriend. In the final scene, Viktor and his girlfriend left the secret lab, and they were completely free of all their problems.


I love science fiction movies very much
I think this is an excellent candidate for me

Oh, Nice!!!! I believe this movie won't disappoint you.

Trailer is excellent! I haven't seen any Russian movies in recent times. I will give this a try.

Sure!!! I enjoyed the movie, I think you will like it too.