Korean Movie-Forgotten(2017)

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Few movie stories stick with us for a long time. And when the viewer struggles to solve the mystery or finds it really difficult to solve the mystery, that is something remarkable. Today I'm going to write about a Korean movie called "Forgotten-2017," and after seeing it, one word comes to mind: "Marbulous." Every time I think about this movie, I get giddy; even now, as I write about it, I have a feeling that I shouldn't have seen these. I'm telling this because the whole storyline was written in such a way that if you see it, you'll get the same feeling I had. I would like to congratulate the film's director and writer, Hang-jun Jang, for his excellent work. Finally, both of the actors and actresses had also done an incredible job in making this wonderful story even more spectacular.

Forgotten-Korean Movie
Releasing Date: 2017
Personal Rating: 7.4/10
IMDb Rating: 9/10
Director: Hang-jun Jang
Writer: Hang-jun Jang
Stars: Kang Ha-Neul (Jin-seok), Mu-Yeol Kim Mu-Yeol Kim (Yoo-seok)
,Yeon Je Hyung(Student at police station),
Seong-kun Mun(Father), Na Young-Hee(Mother)...

At the beginning of the film, we see a family moving into their new place. Jin-seok and Yoo-seok are two siblings who adore and care for one another. Jin-seok regards his brother as one of the most creative people he has ever met, and he loves him for it. When they moved to their new flat, a guy asked Jin-seok if Yoo-seok was his big brother or if he was Yoo-seok's elder brother, which shocked Jin-seok. Jin-seok started to see a room that was closed from the outside. He didn't know why, but he was about to open the door to that room when Yoo-seok appeared and stopped him. Jin-seok informed his brother that he had heard something from that room, and Yoo-seok questioned if Jin-seok had taken his anxiety medicine or not. That's how we know that Jin-seok is suffering from anxiety disorder. Also we saw a calendar with the year 1997 printed on it.

That night after dinner, both (Jin-seok and Yoo-seok) went for a walk, but Yoo-seok was kidnapped by some unknown peoples. That's where the suspense began. Yoo-seok returned 15 days later, but he remembered nothing of those 15 days. Jin-seok and his brother Yoo-seok were asleep one night when Jin-seok noticed his brother was going somewhere at the time, but when he asked Yoo-seok about it in the morning, he refuted it, instead telling him that he might not have taken the anxiety medicine the night before. When I saw Yoo-seok attempting to destroy Jin-seok with a mechanical pencil lip, I began to wonder what was going on.

One day Jin-seok heard something as her mother was talking with someone on the phone. He started to believe that Jin-seok is not his brother & this is not his family. As a result, he left the house and went to a police station, where he reported the incident. He was shocked when he discovered that he is 40 years old. He couldn't believe them, so he went near a mirror and saw his own face for the first time. Then he realized why the old man had asked him about his brother and his relationship that day. Somehow Yoo-seok found him(Jin-seok) & took him to their house. When Jin-seok awoke, he was terrified and went into the room that he had previously attempted to reach but had been unable to do so. There he found two dummy bodies, Yoo-seok told him he killed those peoples. However, Jin-seok said that he did not murder anybody.

All of the uncertainty ended when both (Jin-seok & Yoo-seok) found themselves in a hospital. Jin-seok started to remember everything about his family, his brother who was suffering from cancer, he needed lots of money to save his brother. He tried everything but failed to arrange the money. He also saw that he had accidentally murdered two people whom he had never intended to kill. In that house there was a little boy that was actually Yoo-seok. The film ended mysteriously when Yoo-seok leapt over the building and Jin-seok committed suicide with the toxic injection brought by Yoo-seok, which would undoubtedly shock the viewer. The ending was horrific!!!!


I have watched this one too and its really marvelous. I have watched few korean thrillers and loved them all. No mercy, oldboy, i saw the devil are one of them. These movies made me a fan of korean industry.

I have a list of Korean movies that I've seen, and I'm still adding new ones because I enjoy watching them! The most of them, in particular, have unpredictability suspense. And I'm a sap for suspense.

if you haven't watched the movies I have mentioned here, you can add these on your watchlist asap. You won't regret watching them for sure.