Movie: Balls Of Fury(2007)

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Hello, all movie freaks? How are you all doing?? I know I am late, but here I am. Today I am going to talk about a movie named " Balls of fury." This is a classic ping-pong comedy movie of 2007 directed by Robert Ben Garant. Whenever I look for funny movies, I always look at the character, this movie's main character is Dan Fogler, an American actor, comedian, & writer. Some co-actors like Christopher Walken worked on more than 100 films & TV shows, Maggie Q, George Lopez, another well-known comedian, and many more. All of that, this is a family film, so watch it with your family and have a great time.

The story is based on the ping-pong player who was a former table tennis champion. From his father's help, he mastered table tennis skills from the young age of his life. The most shocking thing happened in his childhood when he lost the final match of the world championship that cost him a lot as he lost the game & his father got killed!! The man who killed his father named Feng was on the FBI's most-wanted list; the FBI doesn't have enough clue how to catch him to contact Randy Daytona(Dan Fogler) to help them to catch Feng. That's how all the drama started.

I chuckled the whole time I was watching this movie. Randy Daytona was taken by an FBI agent to the world's greatest ping-pong coach, who was really a blind man named Wong. Wong, on the other hand, does not teach gweilo. Btw gweilo means round eyes; Wong only teaches table tennis to Chinese people. Although Wong agreed to help them and start the training. But this is not just training; it's full of entertainment. Randy finally falls in love with Wong's stunning niece, but she gave Randy a rough time during training. After the first lesson, Wong locked Randy in a room with the bees and ordered him to strike those bees, and he ran away, which is one of the funniest scenes in the film. Randy's whole body and face became radish from a bee sting that night; it was an epic scene.

Finally, he was ready, but I wasn't prepared for the next amazing event, in which Randy went to play table tennis against the Dragon. I expected a tough guy, but it was a little girl; after all those training, he is going to fight with a little kid?? it took me several minutes to contain my laughter after seeing this scene. That fight was hilarious and full of fun, although Randy won the match and got the invitation from the Feng tournament. In the FBI office, told them to carry the transmitter in old ways. At first, I didn't understand what that meant, but then I remembered they put those transmitters in their asses, and both Randy and the FBI guy were trying to lift their asses!!! This is hilarious!!!

I really have fun watching this movie. If you are bored or upset or under stress, I would like to suggest you watch this movie. The IMDB rating is 5.3/10, my personal rating is 6/10. This is my first post on Cinetv; all credit goes to the Cinetv team for making this fantastic platform for all movie/cinema fans. I really appreciate it. That's all for now and happy watching!!


I thought i should comment but then again i have no recollection of this movie 😂 only watched it to forget all about it... need a memory refresher

Ahh!! Download it then watch it again!!" 😉

Lol! I can't believe you dug this up.