Halo Is An Amazing Show

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Worry Not I Have Left Out The Spoilers

This Science Fiction show based on the very popular video game published by Xbox Game Studios back in 2001. That is basically 21 years ago. Just imagine the game is old enough to drink alcohol in the United States.

Before the television show, Halo is also a comic book, graphic novel, and trade paperback. With many issues in its tenure. Paramount+ is how I am watching the show and the production values are amazing.

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Every Episode Is Like A Motion Picture

Wow the special effects are so amazing, especially when compared to Sci Fi shows from just a couple of years ago. Each episode is around an hour-long give or take a few minutes. It really feels like a few minutes. The acting is superb and I highly recommend watching the “Halo After Show” for great insights into the episode you just watched. They made one for every episode.

Be warned to watch the actual episode before you watch the “Halo After Show” because there are spoilers there. Trust me for this show you do not want spoilers. The plot twists and character developments will leave you shocked and delighted.

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My Only Complaint

The special effects are so amazing I would love to see this show in the theater, like they did back in the day before televisions and NBC. In fact there are quite a few science fiction shows I would love to watch in the theater especially if it was filmed with 3D, or 4D with the rumble seats those movies are a lot of fun.

Yes, these days I am all about having fun. Life is too darn short to go through your days completely miserable. Luckily I am a simple fool and can have a great time just watching a brilliant sci fi show, that feels more like a roller coaster ride.

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Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up

I hope this is one of those franchises that just keep growing because the show is so good that I want to play the video game. I know it is not a blockchain game, and I would not own the assets but the idea of being Master Chief running around on alien worlds and kicking butt.

Yup the story is so awesome I can set aside the Marine Corps / US Navy rivalry lol.

Thank you all for your time 😃



I always hear about Halo, and some of the music is AMAZING ... I also would like to play the game at least a few times to find out what all this is all about!

Thanks for the review and info. Definitely something to keep in mind then.

I am yet to watch it but after this , I will look out for it. Thanks.

Since you recommend it, I'll save it in my bookmarks!

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention! 😃

Halo is my favorite game since childhood. Just played the rent one :)
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