Hands Down Dr Who is My Favorite Fictional Character

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My Favorite Fictional Character?

Before Battle Star Trek, before Star Wars, before Star Galactica, there was simply The Doctor. Reruns of the old black and white show from the early 60s would rerun on the Canadian Broadcasting Channel. Growing up in Detroit, roughly 40minutes from Canada, being privy to the BBC by way of the CBC was a real privilege.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, there was so much Doctor Who material, books, magazines, comic books, and the television show. Luckily I had access to it all. Thinking about my decades of fandom for the Doctor Who franchise I could not tell you what it was that had me so fanatical.

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The Doctor Has Always Been There

From my point of view Doctor Who has always been there, and will continue on. Unlike other characters, when the main star playing the character of Doctor Who ceases to continue with the role for whatever reason, has almost no impact on the storyline as a whole.

This is my favorite aspect of Doctor Who, this fictional character can regenerate every cell in its body at the time of death. How amazing is that?! Anyone could be the Doctor, man, woman, child, and the lore continues to develop so who knows what the future holds.

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Currently There Has Been 13 Doctors

Remember when I said Doctor Who can regenerate? Every time the Doctor regenerates is counted as a new doctor. Doctor Who has regenerated 13 times that we know of. Doctors 1 thru 12 has always been a man. The Science Fiction world lost its mind when the 13th doctor happened to be a woman.

This is in keeping with the lore of the Time Lords, they are not limited to specific sex when they regenerate. In case you are wondering the memories of all the Doctors are kept. This current 13th Doctor remembers that its previous bodies were male what they felt like and who they loved. All the pain and joy of unknowable lifetimes in one body.

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This is my First CineTV Post

This is an awesome community, who does not like television and movies? I am here on the recommendation of @thisismylife I hope this post is in keeping with the standards of this community. The page separators were made with canva. If any of my tags are incorrect please let me know and it will be corrected.

Thank you all for your time 😃



I only ever watched Dr. Who once or twice, but I have knit many of the iconic scarves for friends and family over the years.

Yes those scarfs are Iconic 👍

Awesome to see your entry @chris.topher!
I personally haven't watched much Doctor Who, but I bet more people will agree with you.

Here's a nice !1UP for your entry!
Good luck!

Thank you so much for the support, and also the inspiration 👍

PS I just caught the email even though I came here already yesterday I wanted to come and say I loved your email :)

Thank you for the feedback on the email, I really appreciate that. 👍

That is awesome. I have been watching Dr Who since the 70's. I love the new series though.
Great improvement in graphics. He/she is also my favorite fictional character

ME too all thanks to living in Detroit being so close to Canada I was able to watch a lot of British television for free with a normal rooftop aerial antenna.

@chris.topher - my fiancé is a HUGE Dr. Who fan. I watched an episode or two back in the day on PBS.

Congrats on your first @cinetv post.

I know you mentioned this earlier, but I actually saw the ListNerds mail.

That is too cool, ListNerds is the best thing that ever happened to both of my Hive accounts. ❤️

Nice one doing this on Cine TV, why did we not do the Dr...love it so much! !PIZZA

Thank you so much 😀

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Ayyyyyy, it's so nice seeing people from my favorite places come together, ListNerds and CineTV.

Sadly, Dr. Who got too long for me to start watching it lol.

Are there other SciFi titles that pique your interest maybe Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers?

I think I watched a few episodes before stopping so maybe I have to go back to it and wathc it at some point. Then again, my backlog on shows and anime is long enough already so I don't know if I will ever get around to it.

I understand completely, especially with the Anime. Being a kid in the 70s and 80s Anime was hard to come by and very expensive. Now with all of the streaming services, there is so much, it is almost like living in Japan again lol

It is a mythical series and now it even has a crypto game with incredible nfts.

That is pretty awesome could not even imagine how complex the gameplay would be, especially when considering competing time streams and inter-dimensional travel.

A very good friend of mine is a huge Dr. Who fan. I like it also but not as big a fan as him. Thanks for the review.

It was a lot of fun to write.

Welcome to CineTv.
We all love Doctor Who. Nice choice for first post!
(Came here through ListNerds)


Thank you so much for the awesome welcome!! 👍


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