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Hey, Kids Remember Yogi Bear?

Everyone enjoys an origin story, luckily everyone has an origin story. This is another one of Hanna-Babera’s wonderful characters that made waking up early on a Saturday morning a joy. I wanna say that in the early 80s there was a Yogi bear show during the week Monday thru Friday in syndication.

Believe it or not Yogi Bear did not start out with his own show. Yogi started out in 1958 as a supporting character in The Huckleberry Hound Show. This is weird because I always liked Yogi alot more than Huckle Berry Hound. Yogi is just more funny.

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Based on The Hilarious Comedy of Art Carney


In 1955 there was a television show called the Honeymooners, starring Jackie Gleeson as Ralph Cramden and Art Carney as Ed Norton. We can see the impression of this hilarious comedy with the antics of Barney Rubble.

Look at Yogi’s hat and look at Ed Noton’s hat they are identical. Even the way Yogi moves his arms and legs is very Ed Norton. The similarities to the Honeymooners end there.

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If We Hop In The Way Back Machine

Saturday Morning and weekdays before and after school were the only times kids could watch cartoons. IT was normally an event because if you missed them you missed them. Don’t get me wrong we still had to sit through some reruns, especially in the summertime. It was literally painful especially when the next school day rolled around and that 1 episode that was missed is all anyone is talking about.

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Yogi Bear Had 10 Television Shows

Not only that but Yogi has made many guest appearances and cameos on shows like Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones. Okay no surprise there because they are made by the same company. Yogi also made a guest appearance on Cartoon Networks The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy in 2 different episodes.

From 1961 to Current Yogi Has Been A Star

This simple talking brown bear that loves other people's food packaged in baskets, has been the star of his own show for about 6 decades, with many actors voicing him but the person that was Yogi Bear’s voice for the longest Daws Butler from 1958-1988. Wow 30 years now that is a person that loved his job.

Now with HBOMAX you can see Yogi Bear’s most Current show Jellystone 2021 to current.


Guess What?!

Yogi Bear also had his own comic book. Back in December of 1959 Dell Comics published The Four Color #1067 Yogi Bear, since then 6 different comic book publishing companies have sold Yogi Bear titles.


I never noticed this before maybe because I have never really researched and compared these shows before. All of the Hanna-Barbera properties had a TV show some in syndication and some new Saturday morning shows. They all had comic books, toys, and clothing lines. This is no surprise, this combo is as old as television maybe older.

I have never thought of my childhood treasures as big business before.

Thank you all for your time 😃



If you remember it I sure do. I still even vaguely remember black and white TV shows and only having like 3 channels and nothing on after like midnight. LOL
That sucked to miss a show. Yogi was pretty funny and I always thought of the Flintstones as the cartoon version of the Honeymooners. But yeah I can see Ed Norton in Yogi as well. Thank God for the person who invented the DVR. No more VHS tapes to wear out recording my shows over and over again. And streaming and on demand content too. How did we survive? Thanks for the memories.

I remember black and white TV with only 3 channels and the national anthem at midnight. How did we ever get by?

OMG! I know, right?! LOL Such hardships! Have a great week, Bob! 😀

Made in Canva

-- @lisamgentile1961

and they used to play the national anthem too!

I remember that.

Whew! Glad I'm not the only one here who remembers that. I was starting to feel OLD! 😆
Have a great week! 😀

Made in Canva

-- @lisamgentile1961

I agree Lisa it is fantastic living in the future lol Not quite the Jetsons but close enough lol

LOL! The Jetsons was cool too. Another great one from Hanna-Barbera. Have a great day, Chris! 😀

Made in Canva

-- @lisamgentile1961

Yeah, Chris. Those are some fantastic memories. Back when life was simpler.

Let's say it is 1984 what from the current time would you have loved to have had back then? For me, I would have to say the smart phone nothing worse than being stranded and having to walk miles for a pay phone to make a collect call and have no one answer lol

I would have to agree with you on that, Chris. a smartphone would have been a real asset back then.

I liked watching yogi bear when I was a kid.

He was always stealing picnics right?

Yes he must be the hungriest bear in North America because stealing those picnic baskets was his primary reason for living even after he met Cindy Bear he was still hunting for those baskets lol 👍

I never realized Yoga was that popular. He may be ahead of Smokie. Thanks for sharing on ListNerds.

But smokie prevents forest fires.

So much more important than stealing picnic baskets.

lol He might be 😆