CineTv writing contest

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CineTv writing contest


After the huge success of the CineTv splinterlands tournament, we decided it would be nice to hold a writing contest.

Movies are all about the script and screenplay, of course. So, here goes.

The contest

Write about a movie you liked most and the screenplay which compelled you to watch it over and over again. You must include details of the writer and any other information that would make it all the more interesting.

The prizes are as usual high as set by @raymondspeaks himself. So, we expect a quality post, one that would really stand out and be given the first prize. It also means that the post should not be less than 750 words which is not much to ask for in my opinion.

Another requirement is that the article should not be rewrite or copy-paste. Such posts will not be considered even if it gathers votes or support.

The prizes

First prize - 200 CineTv tokens

Second prize - 100 CineTv tokens

Third prize - 50 CineTV tokens

Start and end of the contest

The start date is from the time this post is published and you should submit your entries before the post payout of this one.


  1. Please upvote and share this post (optional)
  2. Include the link of this post in your contest post
  3. The article length should not be less than 750 words
  4. The article should not be copy-paste
  5. Try to engage in other contest posts and encourage others
  6. Source the images and references
  7. Posts submitted after the deadline will not be considered
  8. Familiarize yourself with CineTV and join the discord (optional)
  9. Please leave your post link in the comment section

Please use to post your articles and use tags #cine #cinetv #contest #movies


@raymondspeaks has agreed to judge the entries

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask the moderators or the admins on CineTV discord


Great initiative, @cine.comps.

I'm 100% IN!

Where do we post it? Hive? What is the deadline? Is this post creator also part of the Cinetv team?

You should use the and yes, it's from the team.

Ok, thanks!

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Great! Sure i go doing this, just need to chose witch movie i want to read about it!

Take your time :)

Post created, good luck to everyone.

Should I put the link to my post here in the comments?

Hello Everyone,
Didn't want to scare you. That is why I changed my name.
But I am still a ghost from the heart...

Yours Ghostly
Ghost of iNuke

Followed, upvoted, shared... and written. Phew!
Thanks for doing your part to keep the community engaged. Cheers!

can i write about a series instead of a movie?

Apparently I need to be following CineTV! I missed this and I’m 4 days late! Feelz Bad Man!
This is a really great project!
I'm excited to participate.
Would it be appropriate to write about a docuseries as they compell you to binge watch them as if it was a 7hour long movie?

yes, of course. I am sorry for the late reply.

Here is my entry!


So stoked to even be considered! Thanks for the encouragement and the prompt for me to begin writing on CineTV

welcome :)