Be With You(2018)

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Some people wonder what love is and how it feels when someone is in love. No one understands the emotions of a person unless they fall in love. People also believe that love makes people blind because he or she only wishes to be with his or her loved one. Love creates a close connection between two people, and they always care for each other. "Be with you" is a Korean film that depicts how a person can love, as well as how, once someone falls in love with someone, he or she should love that person with both their good and bad habits. I want to express my gratitude to all the actors, actresses, directors, writers, and everyone else involved in the production of this film; they did an amazing job!! I watched this film twice, and both times tears fell from my eyes naturally.

Be With You-Korean Movie
Releasing Date: 2018
Personal Rating: 7.7/10
IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
Director: Jang-Hoon Lee
Writer: Takuji Ichikawa(novel),Su-jin Kang(as Soo-Jin Kang),Jang-Hoon Lee
Stars: So Ji-seob(Woo-jin), Son Ye-Jin(Soo-ah), Yoo-ram Baa(Hong-goo) (young), Lee Joon-hyuk(Choi), Seo-joon Park(Ji-ho)(adult)...

At the beginning of the movie, we can see an animation clip where a mother penguin was watching her baby penguin & moaning from heaven. It was a rainy day, and a mother penguin mysteriously descended to the earth by a train. She then saw her baby penguin, and both of them were overjoyed to see one another. You all probably are wondering what's going on; the film was about something and is now showing something else!!!

A few moments later, we saw a young boy named JI-ho, and his dad, Woo-jin, was working in the kitchen. Recently Ji-ho lost his mother & he is sad as he missed her mother so much. Ji-ho's dad, Woo-jin, always tries to look after Ji-ho, but he also misses his wife badly. Woo-jin has some health issues, and if he gets serious about something, he loses consciousness. JI-ho's school was holding an annual athletics competition where children had to run with their fathers to win the competition. Ji-ho knew his father couldn't run with him, so he went to his uncle to ask him to run with him. On that particular sports day, when other students saw Ji-ho had brought his uncle instead of his father to run the race, they began to whine and irritate Ji-ho; however, Ji-ho's father unexpectedly showed up and participated in the race. Unfortunately, he fell into a swoon when he just was about to cross the finish line.

One morning, Ji-ho asked his father when the rainy season would begin? His father asked him why he was asking that, and Ji-ho responded that his mother would return during the rainy season. Hearing that his father felt sad for Ji-ho, his mother will never return. Woo-jin doesn't know how to tell that to Ji-ho. One day woke up and saw it was raining outside; he took an umbrella & start running to the nearest rail station. His father, Woo-jin, also followed him. They waited many hours, but there was no sign of his mother's return. After that, they were returning home and suddenly saw an unconscious woman in a tunnel. Ji-ho was excited, he began to call her "mother," Woo-jin was surprised when he realized that it was really his wife!! But that woman could not recognize them or couldn't remember anything from the past; Ji-ho & his father took her to their home. After returning home, Ji-ho showed her mother a picture where Hi-jo, her mother Soo-ah & his father Woo-jin were playing. She began to live with them; all three of them were so happy.

One day Woo-jin found a diary that was written by his wife Soo-ah; he started reading & realized everything. He knew Soo-ah wouldn't stay here forever; she has to go back to the time she came from. They were all eating breakfast in the morning when Ji-ho unexpectedly requested that his mother prepare him some food. Soo-ah went to the kitchen to prepare something for Ji-ho, but she forgot something and screwed up, causing hot oil to disperse. Woo-jin rescued her by shielding her at the time, but he was injured. That night, Soo-ah applied medication to Woo-back jin's and begged him to tell her about their love story. Woo-jin began to tell her everything one by one, and when he was done, Soo-ah remembered everything and how she came here and what would happen in the future. She kissed Woo-jin and heaved him closely.

As the rainy season came to an end, Soo-ah taught Ji-ho & told him to look after his father. That day Woo-jin had an accident while he was in the hospital Soo-ah approached the tunnel from which she entered this country. When Ji-ho returned from school, he searched for her mother anywhere but couldn't find her. Then he remembered her mother's penguin story and began running toward the rail station. When he arrived, he saw Soo-ah about to enter the tunnel and called her. Soo-ah turned around and saw Ji-ho. While Woo-jin regained his senses and exited the hospital, he began running to the rail station to meet with Soo-ah for the final time. But he dropped down & lost his senses again, after struggling so hard he eventually reached there & said goodbye to Soo-ah. Now you understand that the anime was seen at the film's beginning. This film has some heartbreaking scenes that will undoubtedly melt my heart time and again.

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I have watched this a long time ago and i still remember how it broke my heart. Need to watch it again after remembering from your writing.Some movies are so amazing that can be watched again and again.

Oh, boy!! You saw this one as well; in reality, certain films reach our hearts and remain there in future decades; you may go back and see them again and again.

Another Korean movie that made me cried was "Miracle in cell no 7" Hope you have watched that already. If you haven't, then consider giving it a try. Your heart will be melt on seeing the love of a father and daughter.

I didn't watch this movie and it's the first time that I read about it, but it looks interesting.

You can add this one to your watch list, I hope you will love this movie!!

All the best and thanks for participating. I would love to watch this movie.

Yes, you should watch this movie. Thanks, Sayee!!!!