Black Adam Review, What were your thoughts?

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Black Adam was supposed to be the DC film that challenged Marvel and they did a wonderful job at promoting the film and lets be honest everything with The Rock in it is always going to do well. He is our generations iconic action hero.

But his many strengths is what has limited this films full potential and in my opinion he's ego got in the way of creating a cinematic marvel piece. For those that don't know Black Adam is the original Shazam, which was an epic failure. There is something about using a word to gain super powers that doesn't sit right. The original Shazam film didn't do much good and if I was the writers I probably would have re written that part of the comic book story as they like to re write many other things.

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However, looking passed the initial flaws of the character The rock's portrayal of Black Adam was pretty decent and as we know Black Adam is one of the stronger characters and quite the anti hero.

The issue though was this film felt more of a I am here and I am the most powerful being in the universe and we got a wonderful application of the might and power of Black Adam as he emerged from his prison taking out an entire military force.

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Now don't get me wrong these scene was epic and it really set the tone of Black Adams powerbase but it had a massive flaw in which later on in the film we learn that Black Adam only actually has had these powers for around 15 minutes as they were gifted to him by his son to save his life.

So despite only being Black Adam for a few minutes before being intombed he has a really great handle on his skills and abilities which leaves 0 room for character development.

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This is further flawed in that Black Adam appears to have 0 weaknesses until he is blown up by some Eternium and he is later injured once again by the crown which is made from Eternium. Although he initially flies away and collapses and returned to a home to be cared for. He simply awakes to use his own magic to heal himself which it is unknown why he didn't do that to begin with.

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The biggest mystery is that at no point did the Justice League pick up this flaw and use Eternium against Adam to defeat him instead just contiously trying to out muscle him which didn't appear to be working.

A large potion of this is attributed to The Rock putting into his contract that he can never lost a fight. That in itself is the biggest barrier in this film and is leading to why Black Adam is a flop.

There is no room for character development or overcoming adversity.

Black Adam is ruined unless they can renegotiate that aspect of the contract as Black Adam needs to lose in order to gain his character.


I didnt know about this thing in his contract! Pitty

Yup it is an odd addition to a contract

Just seeing this movie, but still on it and that why I won't be able to make some point on it here

Happy to hear your thoughts once you have finished watching

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