An important message to apes from the editor of KenGriffinLies

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This is a message to Apes from the editor in chief (Pongo).

Dear brother and sister Apes. I started this site back in September 2021 simply to piss that lying cunt-weasel Ken Griffin off because I was feeling that way out. It kind of blew up and ended up getting a lot of attention, which surprised the fuck out of me, and no mistake.

For those who've been here before, you will have noticed that this site hasn't been updated much recently. Not at all, in fact, for a number of months.

That's because earlier this year, I ended up with a serious family issue which meant I was unable to devote any time to it. I don't really want to go into too much detail, but it involved my wife and young kid, and some pretty heavy medical issues and basically I had no option but to stop so I could give them the care they needed, which was a big shame, but of course, family always comes first.

So imagine my surprise when, after around 6 months of doing basically fuck all on it, I actually logged in to find that despite there having been no new content published, that this site was STILL getting many hundreds, and often thousands of visitors every single day. If you pop Ken Griffin Lies (or similar search terms) into Google, you still get this site popping up at the top. This is despite us never having spent a penny on marketing or any of that jazz... This is all organic. People are still referencing on social media (especially Reddit). Nobody is forgetting about Ken and his crimes.

Now, whilst things in my family environment have calmed down a bit, and I can start to put a little time to this again, I'm still mostly up against it, and to be honest, it was always my plan to make this a decentralised community where the majority of interesting content came from YOU filthy disgusting apes, and which would be posted here, and backed up to the blockchain so it could never be removed by the hedge-fiddlers.

Therefore, going forward, I'd like to be a place where other content creators who are keen to annoy the shit out of Kenny can have a home.

So, directly from the editor, this is a message to apes, and a call to you in the community.

You want to write stuff, make memes about, take the piss of, do research on Ken Griffin, Citadel and the other hedge-twats out there? Great, then I want YOU to plop it here, somewhere it won't be censored.

I'm not going to go around making a big thing about it, spending loads of time going round asking for supporters and content contributors. I'd ask you lot to spread this message... post it on Reddit, talk about it on Twatter, whatever. I'm leaving it up to you lot.

There may be some apes who have great ideas about how to make the site more interesting, and I'm open to that too. As long as, in the end, some other Apes are happy to contribute content, then I'll keep it running and get back to working on how to make this a fully decentralised community.

If it turns out that nobody steps up to create any content for, then I'll likely just retire the front end, and leave all the existing content on the blockchain. Which will be a shame, but at least the existing info will still be there... Remember, this was always about making sure that some of the DD and info about lying scum-bucket Ken Griffin and his equally corrupt friends was immutable and couldn't be censored, and I'm happy to have done my bit on that.

So, if you have something to offer, if you want to bring together the best content about slimy Mayo Boi and his arse-bandit pals, then great, can I suggest you pop an email over to kengriffinlies <at> protonmail <dot> com (I've delberately formatted the email address this way to stop the robots spamming my account like crazy... you get it right?) and tell me what you can do.

Remember, the goal of this site is to provide a place where people can get info on market corruption (alleged and proven), but probably more importantly where we can mock Ken Griffin mercilessly, because let's face it, we all think he's a proper cunt who's spent years manipulating the markets and fucking over retail, and the sooner he's languishing in grotty cell with Big Bubba the 6'8, 24-stone sex offender, known for his anal fisting fetish, the better.

So if you think you have what it takes to get loads of eyes on this content for potentially years to come, then get in touch, I'll be happy to hear from you.

It's really up to you guys. Even down to spreading the word about what's happening here. I'm but one smooth brained retard with no time, and I'd much rather this community was able to continue giving Kenny ulcers, but it means some of you guys have to step in and do your thing...

lots of love and nana's....

And fuck that lying shite-howler Ken Griffin.

Pongo. xxx

I'd also like to say a big thanks to the guys who helped out when I started down this journey, mainly Kris, Bsee, Federal, Citadel Air, Ape Anna, Historian and some of the other fucking top apes who got stuck in, especially last year. Cheers guys, and I'm sorry I had to bail on you back earlier this year....

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