Petition to ban PFOF blasts off in under 24 hours

in #citadel3 years ago

A petition to ban PFOF (Payment for Order Flow), which is one of the ways that Ken Griffin makes obscene amounts of money at the expense of retail traders has blown up, with over 28,500 signatures (at the time of writing) in less than a day, and more and more apes jumping on to sign it every minute.

The initial target of 35,000 signatures looks like it's going to get smashed.

How to sign the petition to ban PFOF

If you want to add your name to the petition to ban PFOF, you can do so here:

After signing online (you can hide your name and postcode too, which is nice), you can also support it both financially, and by sharing it on social media.

This information is not financial or legal advice, and is presented for entertainment purposes only. See more about the community at

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