Dtube explores the city of Sabah, Malaysia. known as the city of kinabalu 😀

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Hello, all dtube friends.
My video this time is located in Malaysia, namely in the city of Sabah which is famous as the city of Kinabalu.
This city is a city that is visited by many tourists.
There are so many beautiful and interesting scenery here that tourists tourists love it.
I am also very interested in the atmosphere here. Because what we need is all here.
If you want a vacation, try to come here. Don't say anything if you don't like it. Surely you really want to come back here and enjoy the atmosphere here again.
Maybe this is a bit of a description than mine. Maybe later I will discuss at length. Now I'm cool to enjoy the atmosphere here, therefore I just write a little description.

Greetings from me @mzakybrt for you dtuber

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